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How Much Do Pediatric Nurses Make in New York?

Knowing your earning potential is essential in every career path, including pediatric nursing. It’s a crucial part of understanding whether or not you’re being lowballed by a facility, choosing a specific career path that can maximize your earnings if that’s a priority, and knowing whether or not an offer is competitive.

While there are plenty of reasons why you may choose to accept a single job offer or not, knowing whether or not you’re being given a fair salary is essential.

So how much exactly do pediatric nurses make in New York, and what factors influence your potential salary? First, let’s dive into the data. 

How Much Do Pediatric Nurses Make in New York on Average?

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The average salary for pediatric nurses in New York City, New York, is $84,283, which is 5 percent above the national average of $80,339. The estimated salary range is from $24,085 to $212,741, with a median pediatric nursing salary of $76,730.

The same data found that the average salary for pediatric nurses in the United States was $80,339, meaning that your earning potential is higher in New York than in some other places.

Does the High Salary Counteract the High Cost of Living? 

Everyone knows that New York can be expensive, especially if you’re located in an area with an incredibly high cost of living, like Manhattan. 

If you’re a pediatric nurse considering jobs at different locations around the country, this is an essential factor to consider. While you can make more living in New York City compared to the national average, the cost of living and the tax rates are higher than in many other places in the United States.

New York has the country’s third highest state tax rate, with a top income tax rate of 10.9 percent; you’re losing more of your earnings before your paycheck even hits your bank account, which is something worth considering.

The general cost of living is also a significant factor to consider. New York’s housing expenses are 437 percent higher than the national average. Utility prices are 3 percent higher, and grocery prices are 45 percent higher.

So if you’re looking to relocate for your highest earning potential, make sure that you factor in the high living costs when looking at the salaries listed. Then, run the numbers and see what works for you. 

How to Increase Your Pediatric Nurse Salary in New York


If you know you want to work as a pediatric nurse in New York and are looking for ways to maximize your earning potential long-term, there are a few different options to consider. Most will be a long-term investment of time, but some are as simple as choosing the right line of work. Let’s look at each. 

Pursue Higher Education 

You can become a registered nurse (RN) without obtaining your Bachelor’s degree, but getting your Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing (BSN) can boost your career and your salary.

Some facilities won’t hire you for an RN position without a BSN. Other facilities will hire you, but you’ll be relegated to more entry-level roles with less opportunity for advancement. In many cases, an RN with a BSN will also make more than one without a BSN.

The more education you receive, the higher your earning potential, and the more career advancement opportunities become available. You can go on to pursue a Master’s of Science in Nursing (MSN) or even a Doctorate of Nursing Practice (DNP). 

Consider Additional Certifications or Licensure 

In addition to more education, you can also consider pursuing different certifications or licensure.

Becoming an advanced practice registered nurse (APRN) through either an MSN or DNP program, for example, is a higher level of licensure that allows you to treat patients under a physician’s supervision. 

You can also obtain pediatric certifications. For example, the Pediatric Nursing Certification Board offers the Certified Pediatric Nurse (CPN) certification. A CPN certification requires you to pass an exam that tests your pediatric nursing knowledge, which goes beyond the general education most RNs have.

The more certifications and licenses you hold, the more value you can offer an employer. That can lead to a direct increase in salary. 

Choose a High Paying Specialty 

Pediatric nursing as a career covers a wide range of different types of work and unique roles.

You can work in a physician’s office, checking patients’ vitals and getting their medical histories before the doctor comes in. 

You can work as a registered nurse in a pediatric hospital, where you may be doing similar roles in addition to administering medications and working with sicker or more urgent cases. Here, you’ll typically make more than you would if working in a private office.

There’s also the option to take on more specialized roles. For example, working in the pediatric intensive care unit (PICU), the pediatric operating room (OR), or pediatric oncology all have higher average salaries than general pediatric nursing work.

Take PRN Shifts  

If you’re happy with your current job but want to earn more, consider picking up pediatric PRN shifts. PRN work allows nurses to take individual shifts at different healthcare facilities. In many cases, PRN work yields a higher-than-average hourly pay rate compared to long-term employment, so extra time is worth it. And with pediatric experience, you’re likely to be competitive to employers.

Interested in getting started with PRN work? Nursa can help. Our app makes it easy to request nursing shifts you’re interested in. Learn more here.

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Blog published on:
December 7, 2022

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