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PICU nurses are responsible for critically ill children whether they be toddlers, infants, or adolescents. Pediatric ICU nurses have a different skill set than an ICU nurse because the illnesses and issues facing children are quite different from those of adults. Varying levels of ability to understand and communicate are typically different with pediatric patients, not to mention their continuous state of growth as opposed to their adult counterparts are all reasons that can stir an interest in this specialty. The challenges faced in this specialty require a nurse with emotional resilience because while suffering is always difficult to observe, it is in children more so.

pediatric ICU nurse working with critical child patient

Where Do PICU Nurses Work?

A PICU nurse works primarily in the pediatric intensive care unit of a hospital. These units are primarily found in children’s hospitals, These are some of the highest paying RN jobs because the heightened seriousness of the work setting demands that staffing issues cannot be allowed to impact responses and outcomes. Nursa™ has postings on our platform for RNs, LPNs, and CNAs to work the PICU, on-demand, in real-time.

What Does a PICU Nurse Do?

A pediatric intensive care unit nurse is specialized to care for infants, children, and teens that are dealing with complex chronic illnesses, such as sepsis, trauma, neurological disorders, organ failure, and other serious ailments. Patient ratios in the PICU are typically one nurse for one to three pediatric patients. They are responsible for creating and implementing treatment plans, administering medications, monitoring vitals and progress, and at times performing life-saving techniques.

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Recommended Certifications for PICU Nurses

Some certifications may be required, while others simply preferred to land PRN shifts in the pediatric intensive care unit. Certifications demonstrate to facilities your commitment and dedication to your patients and your career.

  • Basic Life Support (BLS)
  • Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS)
  • Critical Care Registered Nurse Pediatric (CCRN-P)

Crucial Qualities in a Pediatric ICU Nurse

A capacity to perform as part of a multidisciplinary team is integral to the role of a PICU nurse. The complex conditions and illnesses of their patients often require input from different specialists and medical professionals. A tendency for organization and focused efficiency is also essential to ensure that time is not lost when emergency situations arise. Emotional resilience remains a key quality in successful PICU nurses as well. Family members need to be able to trust their child’s caregivers to be unwavering in the face of discouraging or distressing news to ensure the level of care provided does not suffer.

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