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Interview Tips for RNs, LPNs, and CNAs Looking for Jobs Nearby

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If you've been on the hunt for RN, LPN, or CNA jobs and have landed a job interview, then congratulations! That's one step towards employment, the next step invariably is the interview. But don't let interview jitters get in the way of showing your potential employers what a great asset you are. Take a deep breath and read this next sentence aloud: I'm going to do something to help me feel less nervous. That's right, you can do something to help alleviate some of the (perfectly normal) anxiety you might be feeling about your upcoming job interview.

At NursaTM, our clinicians work on-demand at hospitals, medical centers, surgery centers, long term care facilities, and just about every other healthcare setting you can imagine. They're completing interviews with different management types and various personalities. Interviews with facilities for on-demand work are part of the PRN work lifestyle and as such they get easier with time. Why? Because Practice makes you prepared. Yes, the saying is actually practice makes perfect, but prepared is a word that applies much better. Here's some tips to help you prepare for an interview.

Know Where You're Going

In today's times with COVID-19, you may be asked to do a virtual interview through Skype, Zoom, or some other video media platform. If, however, you are to do an in-person interview, it will help immensely to know where exactly you are going before the day and hour of your interview. A few days prior, or the day before, practice the drive or the public transportation route that you will need to take the day of. Get a feeling for the traffic, if there are any strange intersections, or short bus connections so that if you're going to make a wrong turn or miss a connection you do it when you aren't pressed for time.

Leave Early

Even though you'll have gotten familiar with the route to the place of your interview, it is still a good idea to leave yourself plenty of time for detours, missed exits, or missed bus connections. Leave yourself 45 minutes’ extra time to arrive at your destination. Arriving early to an interview isn't bad or rude, whereas arriving late can have disastrous consequences.

Practice Using Video Media

If you're scheduled for a virtual interview, practice on the platform you'll be using. Familiarize yourself with the am angle and know how to mute the microphone and unmute it. Make a virtual call to a family member or a family friend and practice speaking to the webcam by giving the conversation your undivided attention, and looking at the webcam while speaking. It's not uncommon when talking to family members or friends on a video call to do something else, or to let your eyes wander while speaking. You don't want to do that while on a virtual interview, you want to be focused and attentive.

Pick Your Setting

Plan where you are going to sit when you have your virtual interview. Select a place that will be quiet and free from distractions or noise. The setting behind you doesn't have to be a blank wall, but be sure it's free of laundry or dirty dishes etc. You don't have to clean your whole house, but the area your interviewers see behind you should be free of anything that would be embarrassing to you. You don't need the additional anxiety of worrying about what they see behind you.

Let Go of Perfection and Breathe

Remember what we said about practice makes prepared instead of practice makes perfect? Let go of any idea that you have to be perfect for the interview. You are human, as are your interviewers. Remember to breathe while you're talking, and listening. You don't have to be perfect, just be prepared

Be Comfortable

A professional appearance is important for an interview, but not at the cost of your personal comfort. Wear professional clothing that you feel good in, and that won't have you constantly shifting or adjusting.

Drink Water and Eat Breakfast or Lunch

Don't skip breakfast or lunch on the day of your interview. If you're feeling some butterflies, eat light foods that won't give you gas but eat enough so that you aren't doing an interview on an empty stomach. Drink water and avoid too much caffeine. Know your body, if more than one cup of coffee gives you the jitters, then resist it! Having enough water in your system will ensure that your mouth isn't overly dry, nor will your lips be chapped. Take a bottle of water with you, or have it sitting next to you for the virtual interview. If you have a cough or your throat gets a little dry it's acceptable to take a drink of water.

Sleep Restores

Every nurse knows how important sleep is, and you should double down on your sleep in the days prior to your interview. Sleep deprivation can impair your quick thinking and ability to clearly communicate both skills which you need to market yourself well in an interview.

Research the Employer and the Position

Find out what you can about your potential employer and the position you are applying for. This can help you in your responses to interview questions because you can see how to best explain your skills and how they will be put to good use in their healthcare setting. Additionally, interviewers often invite interviewees the opportunity to ask questions. Have a notepad and pen handy so you can take notes during the interview, or if you thought of questions during your research so you will remember to ask. If you've done your research not only will your answers demonstrate your interest and you will be prepared to ask pertinent questions that you may not have otherwise considered.

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Booher, RN
Blog published on:
September 10, 2020

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