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Nursing Education & Fast-Tracked Programs  to Combat Shortages

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In our modern-day society and healthcare system, nurses and healthcare workers have been on quite a steady decline, leaving the world in dire need of more nurses. While some methods are working to combat this already, such as PRN staffing solutions like ourselves here at Nursa, there is still much that needs to be done to fight against this decade-long problem that will only get worse without some critical change. A method that is now proven helpful to nursing students and facilities alike is integrating nursing education into the everyday workplace by having students on the job alongside full-time workers. 

Nursing Education Programs and Training

Education is often essential for healthcare workers and nurses; keeping updated adequately on new methods and techniques is critical to being an efficient nurse, making expanding education a fantastic option. Safe staffing ratios are essential for the safety of nurses and patients. Nurse-to-patient ratios have risen since COVID-19 amplified the shortage, resulting in one worker taking on an increased workload alone, which can easily lead to quicker burnout. 

Nursing students assisting in filling empty staffing spaces alongside PRN workers can benefit both sides, providing a student with hands-on education like no other and helping with a struggling facility. With these facts proven, nurse training which includes working in healthcare facilities with actual patients is on the rise to combat the nursing shortage

Colleges have been noted to expand their education methods upon receiving adequate funding, expanding into this field of filling in shifts in facilities while still providing proper training for their students. Although this is all excellent nurse training for up-and-coming nurses or those who have been in the field for quite some time, this problem aside, expanding your education in healthcare is and always has been critical as the healthcare sector is ever-changing in the technology, techniques, and methods used. For those who’ve already been in the profession for a while, licensed practical nurse (LPN) programs such as various LPN to registered nurse (RN) programs can benefit you majorly. Bridging in a program like this will result in more knowledge, a higher salary, and more. 

Suppose you’re searching to expand your horizons or seek knowledge on the subject. In that case, you’re probably wondering now how efficient these methods are in assisting with fighting against the ongoing nursing shortage. Fortunately, the efficiency of nursing students working clinically has proven fantastic and thoroughly touched on in this study about nursing students working during COVID-19. Due to nursing students being a substantial addition to facility staff, issues caused by shortages were nullified, and many factors suddenly improved. The addition of these students positively affected changes in care, communication, patient relations, and more. They are positively improving the workplace in all of these categories while providing sufficient education. 

Why Are So Many Nurses Leaving the Profession? 

Although countless nurses have been seen leaving the profession in the past decade, even more so after the COVID-19 pandemic began, why exactly is this happening? As we’ve noted, the pandemic has highly amplified the shortage; while this is true, one of the leading causes isn’t the pandemic itself but what is caused by it. The healthcare workforce has lost over 80,000 workers in the past decade, which is still ever-rising. This is known as nursing burnout; while this condition has been recognized in various workforces over the years, it is especially critical now as numerous workers have fallen victim to burnout, eventually leaving the workforce altogether. 

Additionally, remote nursing work began in the late 1990s and has been on a steady rise again with growing demand. Heaps of nurses leave facilities in turn for telehealth nursing jobs. This type of care is done entirely through the internet; telehealth allows a healthcare provider to give you essential care through a computer, tablet, or smartphone. While this care is incredibly convenient for many, losing too many workers to remote care can be detrimental to those requiring in-person care and assistance. 

How to Find More Nursing Jobs Near You

If you’re looking to expand your nursing lexicon by filling in for empty spaces around you, while excellent, you may be pondering how to find these jobs and just how difficult or easy it may be to take up PRN work. Luckily, finding jobs like these is, in fact, more accessible than anyone could have expected. With a nursing staffing app, you can find countless jobs around you in minutes. Here at Nursa, we have precisely that. If you’re searching for jobs today, create an account with us, and you’ll be off finding many jobs in a flash.


Booher, RN
Blog published on:
July 26, 2022

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