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Per Diem Pay Rates in Healthcare for RNs, LPNs & CNAs

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What are Per Diem Nursing Rates?

What are per diem nursing rates, and do these rates truly differ from what full-time, part-time, or non-PRN nurses make in healthcare? It’s true. Per diem nurses and CNAs make more money than staff healthcare workers in the same roles.

PRN nurse pay rates are known to be higher, which is precisely why many nurses and healthcare workers have begun turning towards per diem work rather than full or part-time jobs. So how much do PRN nurses make exactly, and why is it, on average higher than staff nurses? Let's dive into the topic further.

How Much Do Per Diem Nurses Make?

Quite a few factors go into how much you make while working PRN shifts in healthcare. While pay will vary depending on numerous factors, there are still some estimates for the average salaries that PRN healthcare workers are making today. 

The average per diem salary for registered nurses in the USA is roughly around $87,000, while the average salary for PRN licensed practical nurses in the USA lands around $61,000 annually. Lastly, the average PRN salary for certified nursing assistants in the USA tends to be around $37,000. Keep in mind per diem nurses and assistants are not generally paid in terms of "salary." Rather, their generous hourly wages generate a higher overall income annually.

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How to Find High-Paying PRN Nursing Jobs

If you've been around asking the question, "How to find PRN jobs near me?" you're in the right place. At Nursa, our on-demand healthcare staffing app for PRN healthcare workers and facilities to connect quickly. We strive to connect per diem healthcare workers with facilities swiftly and efficiently to allow per diem workers to fill in for empty shifts and allow facilities to have sufficient staff in a short amount of time. This per diem staffing app is the solution of the future for gig nursing.

Nationwide, PRN jobs for RNs, LPNs, CNAs, and other healthcare workers are becoming even more widely available. Staffing apps are an incredibly simple way to access these jobs without searching for hours on end. Plus, with no strings attached, you won't have to worry about any contracts or subscription fees. At Nursa, we are straightforward and honest. You only have to use our service when you need us.

Why Do Per Diem Nurses Earn More Money Than Staff Nurses?

One of the major selling points of working per diem is the difference in how much nurses make. After all, PRN nurses and assistants tend to make as much as 25% more money than staff nurses.

However, why do per diem nurses earn more than staff nurses? One of the major reasons for per diem staffing earning more than typical nurses is that per diem nurses are technically freelance and, thus, do not earn the benefits one would earn from being a part-time or full-time employee at a location. Due to this, per diem healthcare workers tend to earn higher pay than normal as compensation for the lack of benefits. 

How much per diem workers make also comes from the fact that those working PRN are relied on as individuals who can swiftly take up last-minute shifts, filling in empty spaces in facilities that may need to be filled. This helps facilities greatly. Further enforcing that while working per diem can also benefit yourself and your livelihood, PRN work also positively impacts those you work for.

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The Benefits of Working PRN Jobs in Healthcare

Working per diem in healthcare is proven to come with a myriad of benefits. So why would individuals like you decide to work on an as-needed basis? A significant selling point for PRN is flexibility - giving you the power to choose exactly when and where you would like to work. When working per diem, you essentially work as a freelance healthcare worker in charge of your own schedule.

Flexibility is incredibly important when balancing your work and personal life, making per diem a fantastic choice on the overall scale. Additionally, working per diem allows you to experience countless healthcare settings and groups, as you'll work in various facilities with numerous people. These experiences allow you to grow and learn even more as a healthcare worker, furthering your knowledge and broadening your horizons. After all, staying educated in healthcare is incredibly important, and there is no such thing as knowing too much.


Booher, RN
Blog published on:
April 17, 2023

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