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PRN and Travel Nurses Make More Money Than Staff Nurses

Traveling nurses and PRN nursing are hot topics in a fast-growing industry in today’s job growth in healthcare. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) has predicted robust growth for the future in the areas of nursing. As much as 52% growth is forecast between now and 2030.

On the other hand, the US Department of Health and Services (HHS) states in a report that by 2030 seven states are in danger of reaching a dangerous shortage of all nursing areas in healthcare facilities. Since the data for salary and wages vary widely from place to place, it is best to research any new city or healthcare facility on current PRN wages using the Nursa application. If anyone ever wanted to try out a new town, skill set, or learn more technical innovations, then Nursa offers the opportunity to explore and find places or multiple places to fit those needs.

What The Difference Between a Travel & PRN Nurse?

When it comes to the differences between the three categories, there is a vast difference in both with its pros and cons. First off, permanent or contract nurses are usually paid a little less because they get many benefits, including 401k, insurance, paid time off, vacations, and other benefits that factor into the whole value of the salary. When it comes to traveling nurses, they are mostly paid a little more because they are working on assignments. Most of these assignments last around three months to more extended periods, often leading to full-time contract offers.

The primary benefit of this career path is to vet different health care facilities, hone experience, and find perfect job placements for future growth and education. Many traveling nurses find permanent careers by trying out several cities, health care units like intensive care units, wound care, long-term home care, nursing staffing, and other much-needed nursing units. PRN nursing is even a little more different in that not only do they usually get paid more because they are filling in shifts that would otherwise go unfulfilled, but they also get to pick the exact shifts they would like to work.

Another main reason PRN and traveling nurses get paid more than permanent nurses is because they are expected to start the jobs/shifts with the ground running. Travel and PRN nurses have to be very smart, quick learners and are expected to already have a handle on some of the most critical and complex tasks. The Nursa application helps all kinds of nurses and allied workers connect with the best PRN shift around the country.

The downside to PRN and traveling nursing is that it is a little harder to gain seniority or access to free continuing education credits and training courses available to full-time contract nurses. The major benefit is the freedom to work whenever you choose, explore new cities and healthcare facilities, and have time off whenever chosen. Other significant factors to consider when being a travel or PRN shift nurse are taxes, certifications, licensing, and credentials. Each state, city, and individual healthcare facility will have different requirements and stipulations on requirements.

Also, with taxes, if you’re traveling or a PRN nurse and have worked in more than one state, you will be required to file taxes for each state you worked in. This becomes even more difficult if you’re a nurse able to prescribe and administer pharmaceuticals. It is essential to keep all documentation in order, up to date, and easy to access for all new places of employment when being a traveling or PRN nurse. 

What’s the Best Way to Find PRN Nursing Jobs?

Nursa is an application that is easy to download from any Android or iPhone via the application stores. Once installed, the application will guide you through filling out a profile consisting of credentials, documentation, education, and certifications that must be uploaded and verified. Once the profile is complete, traveling and PRN nurses can start searching for the next high-paying assignments anywhere in the US. What better way to explore new cities, earn extra income, meet new professionals, and gain the most valuable experiences in the world?


Booher, RN
Blog published on:
August 17, 2022

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