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Jeremy Booher
November 22, 2022

Registered nurses (RNs) can choose from various specialties and employment types to match their lifestyles. Nurses can pick up per diem jobs using their healthcare staffing app. Keep reading to learn more about working PRN as an RN, how to become an RN, how to find RN jobs as a new nurse, and the typical job responsibilities of an RN.

Working Per Diem As An RN

What is "per diem" in nursing? Well, both the term PRN and per diem are abbreviations for the Latin term "pro re nata," which means "as needed." Registered nurses can work on a per diem basis. Therefore, nurses who work PRN jobs do so in various facilities as the needs arise.

Per diem RNs garner a higher-than-average salary. In addition to making higher pay, PRN registered nurses also choose when and where they want to work - thus, they create their schedule. Furthermore, picking up PRN RN jobs opens new doors and gives you more career experience. How so? By picking up shifts in different facilities, you gain insight into how they operate and what it takes to be competent and competitive in your field. Therefore, after working per diem, you gain a powerful resume that may include experience with jobs in various units and a vast skill set to be proud of. Furthermore, you might find a healthcare facility near you that suits you and be able to get hired as a full-time employee at some point in your life if that is your nursing career goal. In short, PRN jobs can help you get a taste of the industry and exposure in your local community as a healthcare professional, which may lead to other opportunities.

How To Become an RN?

One of the first things you want to do is research and gain a good understanding of what an RN does, the education it takes, and how this applies to you, making sure it's a job that suits you. Here are the requirements to become an RN. After completing these steps, you can search for registered nursing jobs near you.

  1. Find a state-recognized school, and complete the necessary courses to earn your degree or diploma. Many states require at least a (BSN) bachelor's degree in nursing.
  2. Take the NCLEX-RN exam, and pass it!
  3. Acquire a license in the state you wish to work.

How to Find Jobs as a New Registered Nurse

After graduating and obtaining your state license, the search is on to find jobs. You put in your work, and now it's time to reap the benefits. Due to a nursing shortage, it is easy for a new RN to find jobs. If you fail on your first try, move on and try another. You can find a hospital or healthcare facility willing to train a new nurse. Any job working as an RN will help you in experience, so don't be too picky, and try to stay at your first job for at least one year if you can. It will look better for future employment, although you can start picking up PRN shifts on the side once you're beyond preceptorship/orientation at your staff job and are comfortable with your tasks and responsibilities as a registered nurse. Here are some tips on finding a job as a new graduate and how to find an RN job near you.

  1. Do an online search. There's a great demand for nurses, and you will find plenty to choose from. Try an RN job app that puts you in direct communication with the hospital and vice-versa. This allows you to pick up shifts as needed and helps facilities with on-demand RNs.
  2. Visit local job fairs or a University.
  3. Setting up several interviews, rehearsing, and practicing for your interviews are not bad. You can read our article with interview tips for nurses and CNAs here.
  4. Try some nursing apps, set up a profile, and apply for per diem RN jobs near you.
  5. Have a good resume, and include any special abilities you have. It could be speaking multiple languages. You want your resume to set you apart, and being unique will do just that.

Job Responsibilities of An RN:

As a nursing graduate, you must have the knowledge and skills to carry out the task an RN should be able to perform, although many facilities operate differently. Different specialties within nursing exist, such as where you work and the type of care you give will determine your duties, but here's a list of typical responsibilities an RN may perform.

  • Give, and monitor medication.
  • Inserting and managing catheters.
  • Making out a care plan for a patient.
  • Assessing with proper intervention.
  • Taking vital signs while recognizing any abnormalities.
  • Admitting and discharging of patients.
  • Thorough documentation.
  • Assisting patients in and out of their beds.
  • Basic life support.
  • Taking care of wounds.
  • Cleaning, feeding, and aiding in patient hygiene.
  • Keeping the patients safe.

How to Find Per Diem RN Jobs With an App

Some registered nurses are comfortable working in the same place day in and day out, receiving their benefits and expected salaries their employer gives them. Whereas working per diem is for others who want freedom in their lifestyles. For example, maybe you have kids with a spouse who works full-time, or perhaps you as an individual who requires more free time in your life - in these scenarios, nurses may find PRN jobs a more reasonable and flexible opinion.

Picking up jobs per diem allows you to be your own boss. Furthermore, you will gain knowledge by experiencing how multiple facilities operate with different expectations and working around other people. While you don't receive the same benefits as a full-time employee, you will have a flexible schedule giving you the freedom to make good money and be able to have a job that works around your life instead of the typical monotonous set of hours you would have as a staff nurse.

Jeremy Booher
Blog published on:
November 22, 2022

Meet Jeremy, a contributing copywriter, editor, and publisher at Nursa who specializes in topics around licensing, clinician salaries, and per diem job locations.

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