The hard work of nurses in Wilmington is in high demand, and the salaries are good. Learn more about per diem work for RNs, LPNs, CNAs, NPs, and other healthcare professionals in Delaware.


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PRN Nursing Jobs in Wilmington, Delaware, with Nursa

Delaware, also known as "The First State," is home to many small, charming towns and cities, each with their own unique vibe and culture. One of these gems is Wilmington, located along the beautiful Brandywine River. Being the largest city in Delaware, Wilmington boasts a thriving economy and a diverse and welcoming community. It is also home to a growing job market, making nurses and nursing assistants more in demand than ever. Nurses and nursing assistants looking for high-paying jobs can earn more and take advantage of several perks when they sign up for PRN nursing jobs with Nursa. Stick around while we explore living and working in Wilmington as a PRN nurse or nursing assistant.

About Living in Wilmington

Wilmington is a charming and historic city situated on the banks of the Delaware River in the northeastern region of the United States. The city is located in New Castle County, the most populous county in the state, and is considered the cultural and economic hub of Delaware. Its population of over 70,000 residents enjoys a vibrant and diverse community with a rich history and a strong sense of community pride.

One of Wilmington's defining features is its beautiful and historic architecture. The city is home to many well-preserved 18th—and 19th-century buildings, including intricate row houses and grand mansions that harken back to the city's colonial past. Many of these buildings are open to the public, offering a glimpse into the past and a deeper understanding of the city's heritage.

In addition to its stunning architecture, Wilmington offers a plethora of attractions and entertainment options for residents and visitors alike. These include world-class museums such as the Delaware Art Museum and the Delaware Museum of Natural History, as well as theaters, art galleries, and a vibrant music scene. The city also boasts an excellent culinary scene, with a diverse range of restaurants serving everything from traditional American fare to international cuisine.

Cost of Living in Wilmington

Wilmington's cost of living is also relatively affordable compared to other major cities on the East Coast. The housing market is relatively stable, and housing prices are reasonable, making it an attractive place for young families and professionals to live. In addition, the city offers a variety of cultural and recreational activities that are accessible and affordable for residents.

Climate in Wilmington

Wilmington's climate is characterized by mild winters and warm summers. Residents enjoy four distinct seasons without the harshness of freezing cold winters or scathing hot summers present in other places. The city also experiences plenty of sunshine, providing ample opportunities for outdoor activities and events throughout the year.

Education in Wilmington

Wilmington offers a variety of education options for students of all ages. The city is home to several highly ranked public and private schools, as well as prestigious universities such as the University of Delaware and Wilmington University. Residents also have access to several cultural and educational institutions, including the Delaware Museum of Natural History and the Wilmington Public Library.

What Does Working Per Diem (PRN) Mean?

Now, what exactly does working PRN jobs with Nursa in Wilmington mean? It means having the freedom and flexibility to create your own work schedule. Instead of committing to a full-time job with a fixed schedule, nurses can choose to work on an as-needed basis. This means you can work whenever it is convenient, whether on weekends or during the week. Nurses can also select their preferred shift to maintain an excellent work-life balance.

The Perks of Working PRN with Nursa

Working PRN jobs with Nursa in Wilmington comes with several advantages. 

  • Control your schedule: First and foremost, you have control over your schedule. This means you can easily balance your work and personal life, whether it's scheduling time for family or pursuing personal interests. 
  • Variety in work settings: Additionally, PRN nurses often have more variety in terms of work environment, as they have the opportunity to work in different environments such as hospitals, clinics, long-term care facilities, and more.
  • Higher pay rates: Another appealing aspect of PRN jobs is the potential for higher pay rates. As PRN nurses often do not have benefits or a set schedule, they are typically paid a higher hourly rate compared to full-time nurses. This can significantly benefit those looking to earn extra income for a savings goal, to offset an unexpected expense, or to pay off nursing student loans.
  • Work opportunities out of town: Nurses and nursing assistants with Nursa in Wilmington can expand their search radius and find PRN shifts in facilities in the surrounding areas, such as Newark.

Where Can RNs, LPNs, and CNAs in Wilmington Work?

When it comes to finding PRN jobs, Wilmington offers a variety of options for registered nurses (RNs), licensed practical nurses (LPNs), and certified nursing assistants (CNAs). The healthcare industry in Wilmington is booming, with numerous hospitals, clinics, and long-term care facilities in need of medical staff. Whether you prefer to work in a hospital setting or a smaller clinic, there is a PRN job for you in Wilmington.

Things to Do in Wilmington

Now, when you're not on shift, there is plenty to do in Wilmington. The city possesses a vibrant arts and culture scene, with museums, galleries, and theaters showcasing local talent. For outdoor lovers, there are parks and trails for biking and water activities on the Brandywine River. And if you're a foodie, you'll love the diverse dining options available, ranging from local favorites to international cuisine.

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In summary, if you're a nurse or nursing assistant looking for PRN jobs in a welcoming and secure community with an affordable cost of living, look no further than Wilmington, Delaware. With its moderate climate, excellent education options, and numerous job opportunities, Wilmington is the perfect place to call home. Sign up with Nursa today and experience the flexibility and freedom of working PRN jobs in this charming city.

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