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Increase Your Earning Potential by Working PRN Shifts through Nursa™

Find Our Why RNs Love Per Diem Nursing Shifts in Dallas, TX

Are you looking for travel nursing jobs in the state of Texas? Read more about the benefits of working per diem jobs in this city.

Registered nurses (RNs) in the Dallas, Texas metro area earn an average annual wage of $76,740 or $36.89 per hour, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. However, the opportunity to earn even more is present when you start working per diem. RNs are in high demand across the Dallas metro area, and as such the hundreds of PRN shifts available typically offer higher than average hourly compensation.

Other benefits to working PRN include the opportunity to work in a variety of settings allowing you to sharpen certain skills and learn new ones as well. Nursa™ has per diem jobs available in medical and surgery centers, hospitals, long term care facilities, skilled nursing facilities, and more. The connections a PRN working RN can make with other experienced clinicians can have a positive influence on the trajectory of a nursing career as well. Moreover, working PRN means you can organize your work life around the routines and important events of your personal life, instead of the other way around.

Download our smartphone application and discover how simple the process of searching, applying, and landing PRN shifts can be. In our app, you’ll create your digital professional portfolio, verify your license, browse PRN shifts near you, and apply for the ones you want. Everything can be done all in one place. Once your professional portfolio has been created, it will be securely stored, allowing you to simply send it directly to the interested facility.

PRN RN Daily Life in Dallas

Life in one of the biggest cities in the southwest is never dull. Dallas is a huge sprawling and vibrant city covering about 340 square miles and home to over 1.3 million people in the city proper, but more than 7 million in the entire metro area.

Several mega corporations call Dallas home contributing to a thriving job market that fuels the population growth, and healthcare is one of the big employers. You’re likely wondering about the traffic in such a place, so you may be surprised to learn that the city offers public transportation and more than 100 miles of biking trails. Combine that with the diversity in cultural events, dining, nightlife, and sports and you’re guaranteed to have endless opportunities for entertainment on your time-off.