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5 Of The Best Scrub Brands for Healthcare Workers

One of the perks about a career in the healthcare industry is that, in most positions, you get to wear clothes that feel as comfortable as pajamas to work! However, as any nurse, CNA, or other healthcare professional will tell you, not all scrubs are created equal.

When it comes to finding the best or most stylish scrubs, it is important to also consider both the comfortability and practicality factors of the uniforms. Is it more important that you have the latest trendy scrubs that cost the most on the market, or to have durable and functional scrubs that are built to last for many years to come? How about brands of scrubs that offer all these features and more? These five brands of scrubs have it going on in all these categories.

Whether you work part-time, full-time, travel, or PRN jobs, having the right apparel and accessories can make your shift run smoother. Here are five of the best scrub brands available on the market in 2021.

1. Cherokee

Cherokee appears first on this list, but that’s not to say they are the best of our five picks, but they may very well be yours’! This brand dates to 1972, and it’s known for medical uniforms and accessories that are comfortable and fashionable. Due to its quality, this brand has become the favorite of many medical professionals and deserves mention for making high-quality scrubs for affordable prices. This brand offers such a huge range of cuts and designs, no matter what your gender, sense of style, or budget, you can find some great Cherokee scrubs that will feel comfy for an entire 12-hour shift, or more! Their basic collection consists of quality sturdy scrubs for some of the lower prices you will see on the market.

A great example of a tried-and-true classic Cherokee piece is their mid-rise straight leg cargo pants. Most nurses have seen these pants or own them in a few different colors. The elastic waistband makes them stretchy and comfy and side vents give them an edge and keep you cool during busy shifts. Also, the pockets are deep so you can load down with alcohol swabs, syringes, 2x2s, tape, hemostats – all your nursing essentials will fit.

2. Koi Scrubs

These scrubs hit the scenes around 2006 and immediately, nurses everywhere wanted to get their hands on them. Why? They are arguably the most fashion-forward brand of scrubs, lab coats, and medical apparel that you can find. Not only that, but they are also built for comfort, functionality, durability, and they offer incredibly stylish designs that are bold and unique.

Their prices can seem high at regular retail value, but they are known for marking items down on their website. A perfect example of an adorable Koi Lite Liberty scrub top is pictured below. The unique ombre look and zippered collar are things you don’t see every day. The pockets and general design of the top were also built with comfort and flex in mind. Koi also has a masculine line of scrubs, too.


3. WonderWink

WonderWink has quickly become a trusted name in medical uniforms for health professionals. This company manufactures medical scrubs that are flattering and on par with some of the trendiest scrubs in the game. They also boast sturdy construction. One of the main reasons so many nurses prefer WonderWink is because they offer unique designs that stand out from other medical apparel.

Another good thing about this brand of scrubs is that they specialize in making several plus-size scrub tops, pants, and other medical apparel available in a variety of plus sizes. For example, look at this adorable WonderWink 4-pocket neck cut scrub top pictured in the color wine that runs up to size 5XL.

4. Barco Medical Apparel

Innovation. Quality. Barco medical uniforms and scrubs are some of the bests in the business, mostly because of their variety and ingenuity. They have several collections, all of which are popular, including:

  • The Grey’s Anatomy – these look like the authentic ones from the popular series. They are straightforward and reliable.
  • Barco One® WELLNESS – these are innovative scrubs that come complete with an antimicrobial finish to reduce or disrupt any potential spread of bacteria.
  • Motion by Barco® - these utility scrubs are designed with plenty of pocket space and comfort, too. 
  • SKECHERSTM by Barco® - these 4-way spandex stretch scrubs are made from sustainable fabric. They are comfortable, extremely stylish, and have functional details. Pictured below is a set of Skechers scrubs by Barco.

5. Dickies

Last, but certainly not least on this list are Dickie’s scrubs. While some of them are quite basic, they are durable and offer some of the best values when it comes to scrubs for nurses and other healthcare professionals. They have comfortable and durable 5% spandex, 95% polyester blends which are affordable, making them usually about $10 cheaper than the average piece on the market.

Also, male medical professionals love Dickie’s scrubs. They offer function with plenty of pockets and utility options and have a wide selection for men, such as these Gen Flex Youtility scrub pants pictured in olive green.

Considerations When Buying Scrubs

Do bear in mind, most places have policies for solid colored uniforms based on your position or unit. Also, some hospitals provide scrubs that you must wear. So if you are a per diem nurse, a travel nurse, or just starting a new nursing job - be sure to check the dress code policy first before buying. If you do PRN work and pick up various jobs, you may need to have a couple of sets in different colors.

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Booher, RN
Blog published on:
May 19, 2021

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