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Best Nursing Shoes to Slip On in 2022

Want to know a fundamental truth about successful nursing? 

Happy feet mean happy nurses.

As nurses will walk an average of four miles during a twelve-hour shift, quality and comfortable shoes are necessary. The problem? Sometimes shoes seem comfortable out of the box, but over time, you quickly find they are not cut out for the job.

To make your life easier by eliminating the need to sort through the numerous shoe brands out there, we have put together a list of “nurse-approved” shoes that many rave about online…

We will let you be the ultimate judge of comfort as everyone’s body is different, but this list will get you started in the right direction.

Top Nursing Shoes to Try 

Treat your feet to some of the top nursing shoe picks from nurses across the country:

Hoka Shoes

We will start this list with a brand that doctors commonly recommend: Hoka shoes

The American Podiatric Medical Association’s (APMA) Seal of Acceptance is a recognition given to brands that are “foot-friendly” and have a record for being podiatrist approved. Hoka has been awarded this recognition on multiple occasions. The company offers a variety of sneakers with a wide range of cushioning that supports all types of foot needs and shapes. 

So, as a brand known for medical foot support, Hokas might be the shoes that “fit” your nursing lifestyle.

Figs New Balance Shoes

New Balances are not just “dad” shoes. They can be comfortable, supportive shoes even after hours on your feet—and with a partnership with FIGS, which makes quality, top-rated scrubs for nurses, these shoes might be the ones for you.

Made in unisex sizing, this sneaker has nursing-industry-specific features to keep your feet not only comfortable but safe since it is made with durable, liquid-repellent materials, which shield your feet from shift disasters.

Gales Shoes

If Crocs, Toms, and Vans had a baby, you would get Gales shoes. With the look of all three, Gales was designed to provide the highest level of comfort, support, and protection to healthcare professionals.

With a slick, minimalistic design that is antimicrobial and waterproof, these shoes offer all-day comfort with long-term cushioning and washable Ortholite insoles.

On Cloud Running Shoes

A newer brand on the market, Cloud athletic has shoes with a unique sole design that truly looks like you would be walking on clouds. Aside from the aesthetic, this design has a unique cushioning system that helps provide added comfort as you go about your day. 

All Birds Shoes

These shoes are designed to be recognizable as Allbirds as they feature their iconic minimalist eyelet design—not to mention their love for using the heathered pattern for their fabrics.

With water-repellent features, these lightweight sneakers offer a simplistic style matched with comfort that can last all day. 

Ryka Shoes

Ryka is an athletic brand for women that makes shoes made to move. Whether running, walking, or hiking, they offer the support you need to make “moves” as well as a great selection of colors and styles.

With their premium “Re-Zorb” insoles and engineered sole designs, these shoes provide increased comfort, anatomical insoles, and responsive cushioning. 

Another fun feature of being a female-centered brand? They also offer maternity shoes to best support you during your pregnancy.


Vessi’s biggest selling point? Waterproof sneakers.

Pairing street styles you would wear outside of work with shoes you need to wear at work, Vessi shoes provide you with endless style options matched with comfort and waterproofing features. 

From classic styles to athletic or everyday slip-ons, this brand takes pride in making shoes that can do it all. In fact, the company is so confident in its shoe designs that it suggests you can “even take a shower in them!”

Clove Shoes

Clove is so committed to the medical field that the company even has a banner on its website front page aimed at providing “frontline worker” specific shoes.

Its Grey matter clove shoe is one designed for healthcare workers with features that make this shoe “easy to clean, fluid-resistant and endlessly comfortable.” Designed with nurses in mind and matched with a kaleidoscope of color combo options, Clove is an excellent option for people wanting an athletic shoe that lasts.

Sketchers Max Cushioning Shoes 

If shoes could be double stuffed, these would be them. Sketchers offers an elite cushioning line of shoes whose main goal is to provide maximum comfort. By pairing extreme sole cushioning with the unique Sketchers Air Cooled Goga Mat, you will have breathable sneakers that bounce back.

If the Shoe Fits, You’ll Be Happy

As shoes are one of the best investments you can make for your nursing career, we hope this article will make it much easier to find your shoe “sole mate.” To help you further invest in things that will make your life easier as a nurse, we hope you take a look at everything Nursa has to offer you from a per diem app to an extensive resource library made with nurses in mind.


Blog published on:
July 21, 2022

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