Is the Apple Watch the Best Smartwatch for Nurses? What Can It Do?

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Written by
Jenna Elizabeth
November 29, 2022

Wearable technology is all the rave these days. As a matter of fact, smartwatches are one of the most popular wearable categories worldwide. And according to an analysis of the market and consumer data by Statista, smartwatches are projected to generate 53.6 billion US dollars of revenue by 2025. Moreover, the much sought-after Apple Smartwatch remains the most popular smartwatch brand in the US. 

Don’t own an Apple Watch yet and wondering what all the fuss is about? Well, let’s just say it has a lot to do with the Apple Watch features. That is to say that the Apple Watch can do everything from streaming music to tracking your sleep patterns to checking your blood oxygen levels. Yes, it’s really that smart. It’s no surprise, therefore, that an Apple Smart Watch is an excellent fit for nurses and healthcare workers on so many levels. With that said, if you are considering purchasing a new smartwatch, read on to discover the benefits of the Apple Watch and what makes this particular smartwatch the very best smartwatch for nurses. 

What Can an Apple Watch Do?

What can an Apple Watch do? The question really should be, what can an Apple Watch not do? The Apple Watch is packed with user-friendly and exciting features. With cutting-edge technology, the Apple Watch is at the front line of giving its users the best health, fitness, and lifestyle capabilities. The Apple brand even calls its smartwatch “the ultimate device for a healthy life.” So, what are the hottest features of the new Apple Watch? To simplify the list, we have gathered some of the coolest features available on the latest Apple Watch series. These include the Apple Watch Series 8 and the new Apple Watch Ultra. 

The Top Apple Watch Features

  1. Track all the ways you are active: Measure time standing, walking, and running. See calories burned, set goals, and record all daily activities. 
  2. ECG monitoring: Record your heartbeat and rhythm using the Apple Watch electrical heart sensor and keep track of irregular heart rhythms and/or atrial fibrillation.  
  3. Keep tabs on your blood oxygen levels.
  4. Receive messages and make and answer calls, all while connected to your cellular and BlueTooth speaker.
  5. Set alarms and reminders using Siri voice commands.
  6. Get directions on your Apple Watch with Apple Maps and be guided with sounds and vibrations when it’s time to take a left or right turn.
  7. Track your menstrual cycle with the Health App (downloaded to your iPhone).
  8.  Share your location or send an SOS to emergency responders.
  9. Sleep Tracking: Track your sleep and set goals to get in and out of bed at the same time every day.
  10. Download and listen to your favorite music by using the Apple Muse app or your existing iCloud music library on your Apple Watch. 

Many other awesome features come with the Apple Watch, like sending emails, checking social media, or even ordering a pizza. Yet, most of Apple Watches' handy features will be discovered once a user starts experimenting with apps and functions that best fit their lifestyle. 

Which Apple Watch Is Best for Nurses?

Considering the Apple Watch features mentioned above, it almost goes without saying that the best smartwatch for nurses is the Apple Watch smartwatch. Furthermore, the newest Apple Watches provide the best perks for nurses due to modern capabilities such as tracking sleep, blood oxygen levels, daily activity, and other health-oriented features. Even more is that the newest Apple Watch series, which includes Series 8 and Ultra, can detect if an individual has been in a crash and will automatically connect them to emergency services. Finally, the Apple Watch is an ideal choice for a nurse because it features apps that allow its users to keep track of personal daily medications, protect hearing from loud noises, and even remind an individual to wash their hands! Really, the Apple Watch is the smartest watch for nurses. 

Best Apple Watch Apps for Nurses

Building off the features mentioned above, a few of the best Apple Watch apps for nurses include fitness tracking apps, sleep apps, and health and wellness apps. Below are a few Apple Watch apps for nurses that stand out from the rest:

  1. Autosleep: Track sleep and monitor sleep habits. 
  2. Strava: Track exercises like cycling, running, or walking with GPS.
  3. iTranslate: Translate websites and text using voice-to-voice translation in 100+ languages.
  4. Pennies: Make a budget and keep track of your expenses.
  5. Headspace: Meditate and practice everyday mindfulness.
  6. Things: Make a to-do list, plan your day, and manage projects.

Smart Watches for Smart Nurses

If you are a nurse or work in healthcare, investing in a smartwatch is a very smart idea. That’s because the smartwatch compacts and organizes all your favorite apps, music, fitness goals, and daily goals—we could go on—all at your fingertips. Moreover, the Apple Smartwatch is one of the smartest wearable smartwatches out there. So why not try an Apple Watch on for size? You're one tap away from making your life a little more organized. 

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Jenna Elizabeth
Blog published on:
November 29, 2022

Meet Jenna, a contributing copywriter at Nursa who writes about healthcare news and updates, empathy and compassion for nurses, how to show staff appreciation and increase retention, and guides that help nurses navigate career pathways.

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