Best Tips for Getting Ready for Spring

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Written by
Jenna Elizabeth
March 21, 2023

Hello, spring! As the chill of the winter season dwindles and sunshine and warmer weather make their comeback, it’s safe to say springtime is on the horizon. Spring is an ideal time to declare “out with the old and in with the new.” In fact, if you have been thinking about decluttering your closet, rearranging your furniture, or even pulling the trigger on that extensive kitchen renovation, spring is the time to do it! Additionally, if you happen to work as a nursing professional, refreshing your workspace, buying yourself a new pair of scrubs, or asking for a spring break are all great ways to celebrate spring. 

Keep reading for the best tips for springtime activities to help you kick off the new season with radiance and inspiration.

Best Tips for Spring Cleaning

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Defrosting your freezer and reorganizing your sock drawer may not be the most thrilling springtime cleaning tasks, but the end results are oh-so-satisfying. That’s because mundane springtime cleaning tasks (dusting, cleaning out the fridge, decluttering) come with the reward of making your home feel bright again. You can begin to get your home ready for spring by making a checklist. This checklist can include your top chores and home repairs you would like to accomplish. You can even set a timeline for when your springtime checklist needs to be completed. 

Check out some of the most common springtime cleaning tasks below: 

  • Reorganize your wardrobe and donate old clothes to a good cause.
  • Toss or donate old clothing hangers. 
  • Declutter “junk drawers” (kitchen and bedside table drawers, etc.).
  • Organize kitchen pantry shelves.
  • Organize Tupperware. 
  • Clean out expired food from both the freezer and refrigerator. 
  • Sort through old mail and throw out or recycle unnecessary papers.
  • Clean windows and screens.
  • Change, wash, or purchase new sheets for bedding.
  • Clean out your garage. 

Furthermore, below are some great spring tips for homeowners to add to their to-do list this spring:

  • Inspect appliances that may need servicing, such as heating and air conditioning systems.
  • Upgrade flooring in the kitchen, living room, bedrooms, etc.
  • Replace windows and framing.
  • Repaint kitchen cabinets and bedroom, bathroom, or living room walls.
  • Add a new room or build a backyard deck. 
  • Winterize a sunroom.
  • Tackle a full kitchen or bathroom remodel. 

Keep in mind that your springtime checklist will be unique to your home’s needs. In any case, it may be helpful to download a task organizer app to hold yourself accountable or create a springtime checklist the good old-fashioned way with a pen and paper and peg it to your refrigerator door!

Top Spring Outfit Trends

Besides clearing out and decluttering your closet, springtime can be an excellent time to revamp your wardrobe! If you are a nurse, you may feel like you live in your scrubs and don’t get many chances to get dolled up for a night on the town. Well, springtime is a perfect excuse to buy yourself a new outfit or two and spruce up your attire. And, as it happens, we have some easy tips for springtime wardrobe styling for busy nurses on the go. 

Mix a Maxi with a Fitted T-Shirt

Tailored maxi skirts are back. As a matter of fact, according to Elle, floor-length fitted maxi skirts will be all the vibe this spring. The best part about maxi skirts is they are a super simple look to throw together. Pair a colorful maxi with a simple white t-shirt, and voilà, you have your after-work outfit perfect for happy hour or a date with some friends. 

Flared Trousers with an Oversized Button-Down

Straight-legged jeans had their time in the limelight. This spring, it’s time for flared trousers to shine. Fitted flare trousers can now be added to the list of forward fashion ideas for spring. Furthermore, trousers in bold colors are making a statement this spring. Pair your choice of flared trousers with a neutral oversized button-down, and you are ready to go!

Pair a Floral Blouse with a Denim Maxi or Jeans

Florals, florals, everywhere. That’s what spring  is all about. So, when choosing a fun top to wear at a family outing or lunch with friends, make sure you reach for a cute floral blouse. Pair it with a denim maxi or cropped flare jeans, and you will have a flirty spring look.

Are you a nurse looking for a few ways to revamp your style while at work? Then make sure you check out some hip nursing scrub styles and treat yourself to some comfortable and stylish scrubs today!

Top Spring Activities


Making a springtime cleaning checklist and buying a few new outfits are not the only ways to bring in the new season. There are also plenty of springtime activities that you can start incorporating into your life. From adding a jog to your morning routine to trying to get out in nature more, finding nourishing springtime activities that can give you an energy boost are what spring is all about! Below are a few recreational activities that can help you celebrate spring:

  • Visit a local farmer’s market.
  • Plan a weekend hike with friends or family.
  • Plan a picnic in the park with your favorite people. 
  • Organize a Sunday brunch with your circle of friends.

Additionally, for planting and garden enthusiasts, below are some tips for spring planting and gardening:

  • Freshen up your home's indoor spring decor by replanting, pruning, and updating flower pots. 
  • Spend the day outdoors in your garden.
  • If you are a city dweller, start an urban garden on a balcony or near a windowsill. 
  • Start a compost.
  • Keep up with local gardening events such as gardening workshops and plant swap opportunities.

Spring at Last

Spring is in the air; can you feel it? Whatever springtime activity you choose to embrace, along with the warmer temps and the changing of the seasons, spring is all about renewal. Make sure, therefore, you start your springtime checklist now with a list of things you love to do. Then get out there and enjoy all the blessings of the springtime season!

Blog published on:
March 21, 2023

Meet Jenna, a contributing copywriter at Nursa who writes about healthcare news and updates, empathy and compassion for nurses, how to show staff appreciation and increase retention, and guides that help nurses navigate career pathways.

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