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Creative Medical Christmas Decorations

Chestnuts roasting on an open fire, Jack Frost nipping at your nose—can’t you just feel the magic of the holidays filling your spirit? With that said, maybe you are a nurse who will be working during the holidays and would like to celebrate by getting festive. We’re talking about sprucing up your workplace with some creative medical Christmas decorations that will be sure to spread some joy to both coworkers and patients. Moreover, you may be surprised by just how easy it is to create fun and cheerful DIY hospital Christmas decorations. All it takes is a bit of imagination and a pinch or two of the Christmas spirit to make the coolest medical-theme Christmas decorations around!

So grab a cup of cheer, and listen closely—here’s how to create fun and creative medical Christmas decorations at work. 

Funny Christmas Decorations for a Nursing Station

Looking for a way to put a smile on your nurse coworker’s face this holiday season? Then you better tune in. We happen to know of a few silly Christmas decorations for a nursing station that are guaranteed to have your coworkers chuckle with a “Ho ho ho.” In fact, we think the following funny Christmas decorations for a nurses’ station will keep spirits high in a hospital or other healthcare setting, even when it gets busy. Without further ado, here are a few comical Christmas decorations both for nurses’ stations and general workplace decor at a hospital or other medical facility:

Gingerbread House

Is there anything more festive than a cute little gingerbread house to celebrate the holiday season? We think not. That’s why this clever nurse station Christmas decoration idea is perfect for medical facilities that want to rejoice in the Christmas spirit. In fact, this creative hospital Christmas decoration is ideal for a large nursing station desk. To make a gingerbread house nursing station, all you need is some colorful poster board and a team member who knows how to draw. From there, drawings of gingerbread figures and cutouts can be pinned to the nursing podium for a whimsical gingerbread-house-themed nursing station. Check out this adorable gingerbread-themed decorated nursing station here.

Glove Christmas Tree 

A glove Christmas tree? Say what? A glove Christmas tree is a quirky and creative way for nurses and other healthcare professionals to decorate their workplaces. To make a glove Christmas tree, you will need—you guessed it—medical gloves. Medical gloves can be white, green, nude, or blue. You may even want to mix it up and combine a variation of all medical glove colors to make a bold and striking glove Christmas tree. In either case, here are the silliest but cutest glove Christmas trees made by nurses in past holiday seasons.

Nurse Christmas Ornaments 

Apart from dressing up nursing stations and other areas with creative medical Christmas decorations, you can also spice up your workplace by adding nursing Christmas ornaments. Nursing Christmas ornaments can be hung everywhere, from doors to walls to ceilings. Additionally, nursing Christmas ornaments can be hung or displayed in a patient’s room as long as a patient feels that Christmas is akin to their faith. With that said, always ask management whether it’s appropriate to decorate a room with Christmas-themed decorations. In any event, common spaces can be creatively decorated with nurse Christmas ornaments, such as stethoscope prints, gingerbread nurses, and other nurse-themed fun ideas. You can check out a few witty and creative nurse Christmas ornaments here. 

Ideas for Decorating a Christmas Door in Your Hospital

Nurse Christmas Door Decorations

Here’s an easy DIY hospital Christmas decoration for doors: Just wrap the door up and tie it off with a Christmas bow! That is to say, one of the best and simplest ideas for decorating doors at a hospital is to make them look like presents. To do this, all you need is wrapping paper (poster board works, too) as well as ribbons, bows, bells, and whistles to make a door present really stand out. Need some inspiration? Browse through these festive nursing door decorations to get your creative juices flowing.

Pediatric Nurse Christmas Door Decorations

Working as a pediatric nurse means you get to embrace Christmas with the kids you care for. However, before decorating your office door with a Christmas theme, make sure you check in with management to see whether it’s appropriate. On the same token, pediatric nurses should be conscious of varying faiths and traditions that do not celebrate Christmas. Therefore, even if you get the green light to decorate your office door, you may want to keep your Christmas door decorations holiday neutral. In other words, you can create unbiased holiday decorations by using winter, fall, or snowy themes instead. You can check out some crafty non-Christmas holiday decorating ideas here. 

Have a Holly Jolly Holiday

We understand that working as a nurse during the holidays can be stressful, so, hopefully, a bit of festive decorating around the office or hospital can help keep your spirits high. However you decide to get jolly at work as a nurse, we wish you a cheerful and safe holiday season. Oh, and thanks for all that you do!

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Blog published on:
December 13, 2022

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