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Healthcare Staffing Apps - The Future is Here Now

The healthcare industry has labored under the heavy weight of stacks of papers and file folders filling medical records rooms to the brim, getting misplaced, stained with an errant drop of coffee, or simply illegible for decades.

per diem nurse picking up jobs on a phone
picture of a PRN healthcare worker looking at jobs

As the medical sector turned to digitalizing medical records, other technological advances and uses came, not only in performing medical procedures and diagnostics but with tools to support and assist clinicians in their daily roles and responsibilities as healthcare providers.

This rise of technology for supporting and improving procedures and systems has spanned most industries. While healthcare leaned in, especially once the pandemic hit, the height of the gig economy has barreled onto the stage with surprising staying power, including the spread of gig clinicians using their smartphones to find healthcare jobs with their favorite healthcare staffing apps.

Unsustainable Staffing

During the first few years of the pandemic, you couldn't browse any platform on the internet without seeing an ad or headline talking about the outrageous pay contracts for travel nurses during the waves of COVID outbreaks. Hospitals desperate for staffing were paying previously unimaginable amounts for clinicians, and we saw many staff nurses leave their long-time positions to step into travel nursing.

While those nurses deserved hazard pay for working the frontlines and facing overwhelming numbers of sick patients, shortages of PPE, and enduring tragedy and frustration during those grueling shifts, we can also acknowledge that as a whole high, paying contracts that last eight to thirteen weeks (the usual for a travel nurse contract) is not a sustainable staffing model for most healthcare facilities, and aren't flexible to react to the constant flux of patient intake which can surge and ebb quickly.

Nursa addresses the problem of sustainable staffing by utilizing PRN clinicians, allowing hospital and facility administrators to adjust their staffing levels quickly without locking them into a high-paying contract that lasts several weeks.

What Does PRN Mean in Healthcare?

The PRN medical abbreviation is the acronym for the Latin word pro re nata, which loosely translated means on-demand or as-needed. It is often seen in prescriptions for medicines, and when used in terms of staffing, the nurse or healthcare worker needs to work more regularly. They work only as needed.

What is a Healthcare Staffing App?

Nursa, the leading healthcare staffing smartphone app, was born before the pandemic began, establishing itself as a source for qualified clinicians willing to work on an as-needed basis (PRN). Nursa sourced RNs, LPNs, CNAs, and other healthcare workers to facilities across the nation during the pandemic, helping facilities, communities, and clinicians by connecting them where they were most needed and allowing them to set the terms for their availability. We continue to do so today as PRN nursing jobs are more prevalent than ever.

two per diem healthcare workers picking up jobs
PRN surgical nurses search jobs nearby

The app functions as a platform that brings jobs to clinicians and clinicians to the facilities that need them. Facilities register and post PRN shifts on the app. Clinicians with professional profiles on Nursa can browse the available PRN shifts in their area and apply for the shifts that match their schedules.

How Nursa Sets the Stage for Sustainable Staffing

PRN healthcare workers have no expectations for long-term employment or contracts. They arrive to work for their shift and leave once it is completed. PRN clinicians are paid an hourly rate, with no contract signing bonuses, no housing or travel stipends/allowances, and the hospitals or facilities are not responsible for paying any benefits that generally align with hiring staff clinicians.

Nursa By sourcing PRN clinicians only when patient intake surges or to fill staff vacancies, hospitals and medical facilities can operate with precisely the correct number of healthcare workers needed to provide quality care without having too many staff on the payroll when patient intake drops off. Sustainable staffing is suitable for the finances of facilities. It works to help meet the financial components of the triple aim, but it's also good for the flexibility clinicians need in today's world.

How to Pick Up PRN Healthcare Jobs

Picking up healthcare jobs is easier than ever for clinicians looking for healthcare jobs, and it can all be done with a single smartphone app, Nursa.

  • Download the free Nursa app. (No subscription required)
  • Register for an account and build your professional profile.
  • Verify your license or CNA certification. (Nursa uses Nursys)
  • Set up your wallet. (Nursa pays twice per week for shifts completed)
  • Search for PRN RN, LPN, and CNA jobs near you by adjusting your search parameters. (depending on how far you are willing to drive)

No more wondering how to find high-paying RN jobs near you. It's all in our app. There are no weekly or monthly quotas to meet. We understand that some weeks you have more availability than others, and your career is yours to grow how you wish it. Pick up PRN shifts regularly or only here and there; the choice is yours.


Booher, RN
Blog published on:
March 1, 2023

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