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Hospitals Making Use of Healthcare Staffing Tools

Nowadays in modern day society, many hospitals and healthcare facilities are choosing to pick up on technology and use of the digital age to improve communication and business with customers and their workers alike. While the bulk of hospitals and facilities are adopting the use of the digital age for convenience, a large number of hospitals still use old-school healthcare staffing tools. A study shows that more than 50% of healthcare administrators still schedule manually or with digital spreadsheets, this is due to the fact that many nurse managers aren’t aware of automated staff scheduling solutions such as healthcare staffing apps.

A typical challenge for healthcare staffing is scheduling caregivers with the correct skill sets to accommodate certain patients. However, upon implementing automated scheduling, this can manage last-minute changes, improve communication, and ensure compliance with labor laws. Using technology like this is how healthcare organizations improve how they interact with their staff, which results in better patient outcomes.

Additionally, automated scheduling can help managers control labor costs. The excellent fact about this is that reducing labor costs doesn’t reduce staff or cost the quality of patient care. Alternatively, scheduling managers must find ways to optimize costs by reducing unnecessary overtime along with utilizing PRN staff.

All in all, when nurses are joyous, patient outcomes are extraordinarily improved. Many studies show that unhappy nurses can lead to increased infection rates, higher injury rates, and even more hospital readmissions. This can be improved by giving staff more influence over their schedules. Communicating with your staff during the scheduling process is awfully relieving and allows you to obtain their preferences, meaning you achieve the blessing of spending less time scheduling!

The Impact of Technology on Healthcare Staffing

In addition to the blessings that automated scheduling has brought us, technology and the digital era overall have permanently affected and changed healthcare forever. The digital era continues to do that now as well. Without a doubt, one of the most prominent benefits technology has given to us and the healthcare sector is easier and faster access to information. Hospitals and doctors no longer need to rely completely on physical records for information. All this can now be stored digitally, saving a significant cost and space. Although physical storage is still necessary, a large portion of it is now digital.

Of course, thanks to technology, taking care of patients has never been easier. Although things are still difficult now, especially with issues that take extensive treatment. The introduction of things such as pacemakers and health trackers has made it significantly easier to track the personal health of patients. When problems arise the data monitored through such devices can be updated almost immediately, letting doctors know quickly. Allowing us to give swift help to whoever needs it. Overall, the introduction of technology and medical devices has helped increase the life expectancy of humans as a whole.

How Can I Find PRN Healthcare Workers?

As touched on above, it may seem difficult to find workers when not in connection with the digital age. Especially in current times when Covid is running rampant, it seems like many are discouraged and do not want to work anymore. However, there will always be people searching for jobs and every so often, just like you, they may not know where to look or begin! Connecting to the internet is a wonderful feeling, suddenly so many furnishings are right at your fingertips, especially heaps of programs and sites to speed up your work and everyday tasks!

Making use of the internet, there are heaps of websites and apps to help you along your way and with the help of us at NursaTM, things couldn’t be easier! Using our PRN nurse staffing app, you can post shifts right now! With the convenience of everything at your fingertips, this is the future of healthcare staffing!

How to Post PRN Jobs?

Along with the convenience of easily being able to find job listings online. It is also incredibly easy to list jobs as well! Here at NursaTM we definitely make it straight to the point. With the click of a button, you can be walked through the set-up process of making an account and posting new shifts. Get started on posting PRN jobs here today!

PRN Vs Per Diem

Although it may seem to some that these terms mean something completely different, they actually mean the same thing! PRN stands for “pro re nata”, which is a Latin phrase that means “as needed”. Whilst Per Diem is a Latin phrase that means “by the day”. Whether or not which term you choose to use, essentially they both mean on an as-needed basis. Working PRN or Per Diem has many benefits! Here’s a summary of two great defining factors.

You make the choices – Since working PRN is on an as-needed basis, you get to make the choices on where you work and how frequently you work. You can work as little as one to two shifts a month or five shifts a week, the decision is all in your hands!

Learning experience – Additionally, due to the fact you make the choices on where and when you work. You have the choice to choose from a variety of different locations and jobs, making this a great option if you want to touch on certain specialties that you haven’t worked with much before!

So, Should I Make Use of the Digital Age?

You absolutely should make use of the digital age! It would be an incredible waste to just push aside all the amazing advancements humans have made with technology. Not only does the introduction of tech and various devices save lives, it also provides convenience for folks all over the globe along with easy access to anything they may need. The future of everything as we know it, and healthcare staffing especially, is upon us. You’ll regret not switching over to automated staffing sooner! With the NursaTM PRN staffing app, we can show you the future of staffing today!


Booher, RN
Blog published on:
March 4, 2022

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