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Nurse in a Halloween Costume? Here’s How to Make It Special!

Are you a nurse who is scheduled to work on Halloween night? How spooky! While Halloween happens to be one of the busiest holidays for nurses working in the emergency department (ER), it also can be a fun time for nurses in all departments to celebrate this ghostly time of year. In any case, choosing the right costume to wear as a nurse will most likely require getting approval from your supervisor first. After you get the okay from management, it’s time to get creative with your nurse Halloween costume. Ready to get ghoulish? Below are some of the best do-it-yourself (DIY) costumes for nurses working on Halloween.

Zombie Nurse Costume

halloween costume

Looking for an easy DIY Halloween costume that you can put together in a flash? Why not go for a zombie nurse costume? Dressing up as a victim of a zombie apocalypse is a great way to show off your scare flair without having to spend too much time preparing your costume. A zombie nurse costume only requires an old pair of nursing scrubs, face paint, and fake blood. Moreover, if you really want to take your zombie nurse costume to the next level, you can add rips and holes to your scrubs that expose bite marks from the undead. It’s spooky, clever, and simple to make—a zombie nurse costume may just be the coolest getup of the night!

Sexy Nurse Costume

Feeling a little foxy this Halloween season? We love nurses who feel confident in their skin! Dressing up in a sexy nurse costume while working on Halloween night can be both fun, sassy, and cute. Nevertheless, it’s best to choose a modest version of a sexy nurse costume if you plan to wear it at work. You can save a more risque sexy nurse costume for an after-hour costume party. However, if you do choose to wear a sexy nurse costume at work, you may want to opt for a flirty vintage nurse uniform dress. And don’t let the word “vintage” throw you astray—these adorable old-school nurse uniforms are form-fitting and flattering. Needless to say, a cute little retro nurse scrub dress can be the perfect blend of sassy and scary—think “One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest.” You can start planning your sexy nurse DIY costume by checking out some adorable vintage nurse scrub dresses here.

Vampire Nurse Costume

If you are a nurse, then you are most likely used to getting a little blood on you. Some nurses will even tell you they are part vampires—especially if they work the night shift. So, if you are feeling extra thirsty for blood this Halloween season, we recommend dressing up in style as a fanged and blood-hungry vampire. That said, dressing up in a vampire nurse DIY costume is simple. Similar to a zombie costume, all you need for a vampire nurse costume is some white face paint, fake blood, and an old pair of scrubs. Top it off with some wicked vampire fangs, and voila—you will transform into a nurse vampire looking for their next feeding. 

Killer Nurse Costume

If you are a nurse, a horror buff, and love Halloween, then a killer nurse DIY costume is a fabulously frightening way to dress up for the season. Transforming into a killer nurse on Halloween isn’t difficult, but it does take a bit more work than the costumes mentioned above. That’s because you will need some extra props, including a butcher knife or an oversized syringe covered in blood. Additionally, a pair of old scrubs that have been tattered and worn are excellent add-ons to make your killer nurse costume that much scarier. Similarly, if you have ever watched any of the Silent Hill series, you can really turn up the creep factor with a zombie-esque puppet nurse costume.

Whatever terrifying killer nurse costume you choose to dress up as on Halloween, make sure you check with management to ensure it’s appropriate for the department you work in. With that in mind, if you get the green light from your supervisor, a killer nurse costume is the slayer of all nurse Halloween ensembles.

SuperHero DIY Costumes

superhero nurse

Not all have to be ghoulish and gory when it comes to Halloween DIY costumes. In fact, if you are a nurse working in pediatrics or any nursing specialty that involves children, a superhero DIY costume can be a good alternative to a scary Halloween costume. What’s more is that superhero DIY costumes are really easy to make; just add a superhero logo to your scrubs, like the symbol of Batman, Spiderman, Wonder Woman, or Batgirl. Plus, a superhero costume is guaranteed to lift the spirits of any young patient you care for on Halloween night. 

Happy Halloween, Nurses!

Working on Halloween night as a nurse can be both busy, chaotic, and lots of fun! You can join the ghostly spirit by choosing an easy DIY nursing costume to dress up in. From flesh-feeding zombie nurses to killer nurse costumes to fun-loving and inspiring superhero attire—all souls are celebrated on Halloween night! 

Are you scheduled for a nursing shift on Halloween? What will you dress up as?

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Blog published on:
October 26, 2022

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