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Best Valentine’s Date Ideas 2023

Whether you are a hopeless romantic or a more practical lover, there are a million reasons why couples should celebrate Valentine’s Day. As a matter of fact, did you know that romantic partners who celebrate special occasions can increase bonding and longevity within a relationship? It’s true! And what better time to celebrate love and grow closer to your sweetheart than on Valentine’s Day? Feeling stuck on what to do for your partner this Valentine’s Day? Then keep reading for some of the Best Valentine's Date Ideas for 2023.

How to Plan a Valentine’s Date

valentine dinner

You don’t need to be a master of love, like personality Don Juan DeMarco, to plan a great Valentine’s date. That’s because—here’s the reality—most of us are busy! Especially if you or your partner work in healthcare. If that’s the case, you can check out some great gift ideas and deals for nurses here. Therefore, planning Valentine's dates takes a bit more effort. That said, a Valentine’s date doesn’t have to include a fancy dinner and fine wine (unless you want it to). The following are some simple but charming ways to plan the perfect Valentine’s date this year.

Dinner for Two: Cooking Class 

Looking for an out-of-the-box way to sweep your sweetie off their feet this Valentine’s Day? Why not look into cooking classes in your local area? These days, many local restaurants offer cooking classes and a sneak peek behind the curtains where couples can learn to cook together and enjoy the fruits of their labors. If you live in a major metropolis, the likelihood of finding a romantic cooking class is high. In fact, you can plug in your city and browse through a few cooking classes here. Or, there are plenty of online cooking classes you can sign up for that work around your schedule, which may be a better option if you or your significant other works as a nursing professional. At the end of the day, planning a thoughtful and romantic cooking class is one of the sweetest ways to show your partner how much you care. What’s that saying? You can’t have your cake and eat it too. Well, in this case, you can!

Valentine’s Date Ideas at Home 

Perhaps you are dating a nurse who is an early bird. Or, maybe you are dating a nurse that rushes off to the night shift and requires peace during the day to catch up on their ZZZs. Either way, the following Valentine’s date ideas at home are practical but loving ways to squeeze in romance:

  • Breakfast in bed: Dating a nurse who loves to wake up to the smell of a good coffee brew, sausage, and eggs sizzling on the stove? Or, maybe your sweetheart is a vegetarian or vegan, and they appreciate a hearty avocado toast or vegan breakfast scramble. Either way, surprising your valentine with breakfast in bed (no matter what time of day it is) tops the list as one of the best Valentine’s date ideas for 2023.

  • Pack their lunch with a special note: Pre-packing your significant other’s lunch is one of the simplest but most caring Valentine’s date ideas. And while yes, packing a lunch for your partner isn’t exactly a “date,” it’s certainly one of the best ways to show your dearest how much you love them. Need some inspiration? Check out these heart-healthy power snacks to include in your partner’s lunchbox. Oh, and don’t forget to include a special note (or poem?) reminding them how truly loved they are. 

  • DIY gift basket: Does the apple of your eye love thoughtful gifts? Then why not put together a do-it-yourself (DIY) Valentine’s Day gift basket for them? A DIY gift basket is one of the easiest ways to win over the heart of your lover this year. All you need to do is figure out (which you probably know by now) a few of their favorite things. For example, consider making a DIY gift basket full of sweet treats for a chocolate lover. Or, if they love spas and beauty, you can put together a DIY gift basket filled with bath salts, scrubs, and luscious oils. A DIY gift basket is a tender way to demonstrate your love for your partner on Valentine’s Day this year. 

Cheap Valentine’s Dates

valentines date

Strapped for cash on Valentine’s Day? Or maybe both you and your valentine have decided not to spend a fortune on each other to celebrate this special occasion. In either scenario, coming up with a cheap Valentine's date is easy! That’s because there are many ways you can get festive on Valentine’s Day without spending an arm and a leg. Below are a few cheap Valentine’s date ideas:

  • Plan a romantic pizza dinner for two: This cheap Valentine's date idea works especially well for couples who love pizza, and really, who doesn’t love pizza? But what makes this cheap romantic Valentine’s date so special is that you (yes, you) are in charge of making the pizza by hand. Or, if you’d rather, you can always opt to buy the pizza dough in advance. The key, however, is to whip up the majority of the pizza ingredients yourself, adding that added romantic touch to a magical Valentine’s Day this year. 

  • Buy a bouquet of flowers: No matter how cliché buying flowers for your significant other on Valentine’s Day may seem, it’s a long-standing tradition that still holds up. In other words, buying flowers for your partner is an affordable but timeless way to show your love this Valentine’s Day. Surprise your sweetheart with a bouquet by sending it to their place of work or leaving it by their bedside for when they return home. Buying a bouquet is truly the staple gift of Valentine’s Day. 

  • Give them a day off: In a long-term relationship or married with children? Here’s a fantastic idea for a cheap Valentine’s Day date: give the gift of free time. That is to say, if you have children together, tell your partner you will look after the kids on a day your partner doesn’t work. On that day, your significant other can choose to do whatever they like: a spa day, a hike day, or a day laying in bed—it’s up to them. At the same time, even if you don’t share children with your partner, you can also plan a fun date on a day neither of you works. Take a daycation, go out for some tacos, or just snuggle up in bed together. Ultimately, a “day off” is a thoughtful and lovely way to plan a cheap Valentine’s date in 2023. 

Home Is Where the Heart Is

Wherever your lover is, your heart is. Therefore, whether you choose to plan an extravagant Valentine’s Day date or offer to give your darling a foot rub and extra kisses this Valentine’s Day, you’re on the right track. Because when all is said and done, Valentine’s Day is just an extra day to express how much love and gratitude you have for the one true love in your life.


Blog published on:
February 10, 2023

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