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Honoring Emergency Nurses During Their Special Week

Emergency nurses are specialized nurses that focus on patients requiring prompt primary medical attention, sometimes during an emergency or sometimes on any person who needs immediate medical care to avoid disabilities, death, or any long-term conditions. In this article, we want to honor emergency nurses whose recognition week is October 9-15, 2022.

Where Do Emergency Nurses Work?

Emergency nurses can be found in different settings, mainly in hospital settings in emergency rooms/departments, urgent care centers, ambulances, sports arenas, etc. These nurses guide, comfort, and support patients seeking care when a patient needs urgent care and does not know where to go.

The emergency department is the place where patients go when they need emergency care, so if a patient has an accident or suddenly feels sick, they can go to an emergency department, also known as an emergency room (ER) or an emergency department (ED), and the staff that is present there will take care of them. The team ranges from nurses working in the emergency department to paramedics, physicians, interns, and others. It is important to note that emergency nurses have many roles within the emergency department. They are essential in the emergency department, as they are the first to attend to the patient, show empathy, give strength, and keep calm. It is up to them to ensure that the environment is relaxed, that the records are well done, and that patients feel safe in times of high stress and discomfort.

October 9-15 is emergency nurses' week, honoring all emergency room nurses, especially those facing daily tricky situations. More and more hospitals are recognizing the importance of nursing work and are investing in improving and training their staff to demonstrate the importance of nursing in their healthcare facility. Because of this, this year's focus is on nurses who lead through their profession to invest in nursing and respect the rights of universal and global health.

How Many People Visit the Emergency Room Annually in the United States?

According to emergency room statistics, almost 136 million patients visit the Emergency room each year in the United States, and nearly 30% of those visits are related to injuries and trauma. Some top reasons for visiting the emergency department are abdominal pain, infections, strains or sprains, superficial wounds, and chest pain.

Regardless of the reason for visiting the emergency department, patients are cared for with safety and empathy by the ER nurses. Furthermore, these nurses often have to deal with very stressful or violent situations since many of the emergencies they will see are due to violent problems or accidents. ER nurses must remember that they will face a lot of stress in the profession, that they will always be tied to the need to do their jobs quickly and do them well, and that the outcome of a patient's life depends on them. It can be a stressful job, full of sadness when the result is, for example, death or disability.

Emergency Nurses Association (ENA)

The ENA (emergency nurses association) is dedicated to disseminating important nursing values, protecting emergency nurses, and improving the improvement and excellence of emergency nurses. Overall, it is dedicated to informing and updating emergency nurses on any activities that may interest them and providing training and updates within the profession.

To become ER nurses, nurses first need to have a degree in nursing as registered nurses, and once this is achieved, they can specialize in becoming emergency nurses. The most exciting thing about ER nurses is that by being in contact with a wide range of patients and situations, they can always attend to all types of patients and are highly flexible and quick in their decision-making. This is why ER nurses are highly valued by all medical team members, the emergency team, hospitals, and health care providers.

How Much Do ER Nurses Earn?

Generally, the ER nurse's salary per year is estimated to be $93,405. The salary of an ER nurse is usually relatively high, as it is a specialty that requires nurses to have a high level of knowledge of all possible areas, so they must be highly trained and ready to attend to any situation. It is also a profession that requires a high level of concentration and the ability to withstand stress, so many professionals may turn down the opportunity to work in the emergency department.

Of course, ER nurses can earn more money per hour if they work, for example, as PRNs (pro re nata) which are temporary jobs where they can choose their schedules, usually as a replacement in the absence of an ER nurse. It is a good idea to try working as a PRN for an ER nurse since ER nurse work is varied and requires accommodating any situation, just as when working PRN shifts.

We honor ER nurses and remember this week how complex and vital their work is and how much they deserve to be recognized.


Booher, RN
Blog published on:
October 9, 2022

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