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Nursing Schools Are the Answer To the Nursing Shortage

There is no question that the nursing shortage has hit the whole nation. With COVID-19 and Monkeypox running rampant, it has created one of the most severe nursing shortages. Because the school levels are up, the medical industry is attempting to combat this issue in various ways. According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), nursing jobs are expected to increase by 16% by 2024. So how do nurses and potential nurses take advantage of this situation and grow their careers and skill sets? Nursing schools are the start of how to recruit better, maintain, and even increase staffing positions starting now. We will cover several innovative, creative, and not-so-novel but better-advertised ways schools are stepping up their game to recruit the most qualified nurses in the country.

What Are Nursing Schools Doing To Improve Recruitment?

Some tactics are old but made more modern to appeal to a larger population. Several highly stylish and attractive programs can help slow and reverse nursing shortages. First off, nursing schools are lowering their tuition. The school uses fast-track training and testing to appeal to a larger group of prospective nurses than previously found nursing schools. This will help get nurses out into the field more quickly and make nursing positions more accessible and attainable. Another innovative way the schools attract more nurses is by seeking funding from states for faculty incentive programs. There is a substantial reduction in the number of qualified nurses able to teach new nurses. States are recognizing this discrepancy and trying to add funding to keep nursing teachers in place to help guide the younger generation of nurses.

Furthermore, states recognize that they lose many potential students because they do not offer more open enrollment dates. They are moving to roll admissions to resolve this issue. Next on the innovative list of ways schools are helping nursing students is by adding dual admissions to make graduation faster and less expensive. A BSN nurse can sometimes be admitted to an ADN, making graduation quicker and more affordable. According to a report from Vocera, innovation is the way of the future when it comes to helping nurses prepare for the future. Online programs are popping up in various areas, but students must be aware of the clinical aspects of the programs. Some online schools require one to three days a week dedicated to clinical work. However, some internet-based courses will let student nurses complete the clinical at the end of the program. It is advisable to look into the accreditations and requirements needed for where new nurses are looking to work. Hospitals and healthcare facilities are using the idea of putting a nursing campus on site. This way, newly trained nurses gain extensive exposure to the clinical side of nursing. In addition, they get to meet, talk, and explore areas of nursing that are interesting to future nurses. It's a win-win situation for nursing students, hospitals, and healthcare facilities. Not all states are doing this, but the numbers will show that this model can be easily replicated and is profitable for hospitals and the public. In general, these solutions help future nurses by reducing the costs of tuition, fast-tracking degrees and specialties and introducing nurses to the latest technologies and procedures already in place at hospitals and healthcare facilities.

What Are the Requirements To Get Into a Nursing School?

Each state has different rules, regulations, and even background checks to ensure the highest quality nurses are in place. The bare minimum is to have a high school degree, complete a nursing degree program, and decide if you want to specialize in a clinical area. Depending on the state, there are many different requirements, but most rest upon clinical hours, classroom credits, and specialty selections. The future is bright for nurses, and it is a worthwhile field to get into.

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Booher, RN
Blog published on:
December 26, 2022

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