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Allied healthcare workers are professionals dedicated to healing the patient in a multidisciplinary manner through their specialties in conjunction with other healthcare professionals.

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PRN Jobs in Portland RNs, LPNs, CNAs, & Allied

What Are Allied Healthcare Workers?

Allied healthcare workers are professionals dedicated to healing the patient in a multidisciplinary manner through their specialties in conjunction with other healthcare professionals.

Allied healthcare professionals are tremendously important to the healthcare system, as they enhance the quality of care by providing specialized care. Some examples of healthcare workers are:

  • Audiologists. Audiologists are dedicated to diagnosing and treating hearing and balance problems. They are also dedicated to finding strategies to improve hearing loss.
  • Dental hygienist. Dental hygienists seek to cure oral health problems, clean teeth, take x-rays, apply sealants, and more.
  • Experts in nutrition and dietetics. Also called dietitians, experts in nutrition and dietetics are dedicated to improving patients' nutrition or curing diseases through the patient's diet. They educate the general population to prevent and cure health problems through food and supplementation.
  • Occupational therapists. Occupational therapists help people with illnesses or disabilities live their daily lives and perform day-to-day activities to improve their quality of life.
  • Physical therapists. Physical therapists are dedicated to the body's recovery and functions that may affect mobility or musculature. Their work is essential to recovering the mobility of any part of the body.
  • Speech-language pathologists. Speech-language pathologists are professionals who support the recovery of swallowing or speaking functions by creating individualized plans for each patient.
  • Respiratory therapists. Respiratory therapists care professionals are dedicated to improving respiratory and pulmonary function, measuring respiratory capacity, airflow, and blood oxygenation. They can support patients with asthma and other chronic lung disorders.
  • Clinical nurse specialists. Clinical nurses are registered nursing professionals who obtain a Master's or advanced nursing degree to engage in research or treatment of specific patients. They may diagnose some diseases, order lab tests, prescribe medications and treatments, and more.
  • CVICU nurses. CVICU nurses are cardiovascular intensive care unit nurses who care for critically ill patients with cardiac conditions. CVICU nurses are specialized in providing care such as administering intravenous medications, providing emergency support to cardiac patients, etc.
  • Med-Surg Nurses. Med-Surg nurses are medical-surgical nurses dedicated to caring for adults recovering from surgery. Their work is highly specialized and requires much study to achieve this specialty.

There is an extensive list of allied healthcare workers; given that many professionals can support the treatment of patients from different perspectives, multidisciplinary work is the key to curing the diseases and problems that patients may have in a holistic way. In Portland, Oregon, there is a need for more health professionals within these specialties.

The tax laws are much friendlier than in other surrounding cities in Portland, so many healthcare professionals travel from cities such as Vancouver and Washington to work in Portland to benefit from the tax laws; this is because Oregon does not tax social security benefits. 

Things to do in Portland, Oregon

Portland is a city full of outdoor activities, with plenty of diversity in food and places to drink. Outdoor activities include climbing the beautiful and impressive mountain peaks or hiking through the vast expanses of forest in the surrounding area. For example, one of the most extensive forests in North America, the Forest Park, or the beautiful waterfalls of Multnomah are all found in this mystical city. Other activities include visiting the Museum of Science and Industry with or without children, or the Pearl District, an area of Portland full of galleries, boutiques, and restaurants. Portland is also home to museums and large tracts of gardens, and many places for hiking and breathtaking photography.

Oregon hospitals are known for having and requiring the work of many allied healthcare professionals and nurse practitioners. Portland is an excellent place for registered nurses (RNs), licensed practical nurses (LPNs), certified nursing assistants (CNAs), and all allied healthcare professionals to work.

How Much do PRN Healthcare Jobs Pay? 

PRN work, which stands for pro re nata or "as the situation demands," also known as per diem work, is a job for health professionals that pays considerably more per hour, as it is hired when there is high demand without a fixed contract. Healthcare professionals also benefit from working pro re nata in Portland, Oregon, as they can choose their hours and use their free time.

With the Nursa app, Oregon healthcare professionals can find jobs near them or search for the areas that best suit them. It is straightforward to get PRN jobs; they need to upload their certifications to the platform and wait to be verified to start actively searching for jobs.

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