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PRN Nursing Jobs in Wilkes Barre: Fulfilling and Flexible Opportunities

Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania, is a bustling city known for its vibrant community and rich history. Located in the northeastern part of the state, Wilkes Barre offers its residents and visitors a variety of recreational activities, cultural events, and job opportunities. One of the top job opportunities in Wilkes Barre is in the nursing field. With a growing population and aging demographic, the demand for healthcare professionals is constantly rising. This article discusses the availability of PRN nursing jobs in Wilkes Barre and why this type of work is attractive to nursing professionals.

Where Nursing Professionals Work

Nurses and nursing assistants work in various settings, providing essential healthcare services to patients and supporting medical professionals. These settings range from hospitals and clinics to long-term care facilities and community health centers. In each of these environments, nurses and nursing assistants are vital in delivering quality care and ensuring patient wellbeing.


In hospitals, nurses and nursing assistants are at the forefront of patient care. They work in various departments, such as emergency rooms, intensive care, and surgical units. These fast-paced and high-pressure environments require nurses and nursing assistants to be skilled in multitasking and quick decision-making. They collaborate with other healthcare professionals to ensure patients receive the best treatment possible. Hospital nurses and nursing assistants also provide patient education and support, helping patients and their families understand their medical conditions and treatments.

Long-Term Care Facilities

Another common setting for nurses and nursing assistants is long-term care facilities, such as nursing homes and assisted living facilities. In these settings, the focus is on providing ongoing care to elderly or disabled individuals who are unable to care for themselves. Nurses and nursing assistants in long-term care facilities work closely with patients, monitoring their health and administering medications. They also assist patients with daily tasks, such as bathing, dressing, and eating. In addition, they work with physical therapists and other healthcare professionals to develop care plans that promote the well-being and independence of patients.

Community Health Centers

Community health centers are another important setting where nurses and nursing assistants work. These facilities offer numerous healthcare services to members of the community, particularly those who may not have access to proper medical care. Nurses and nursing assistants in community health centers provide primary care, preventive services, and health education to patients. They also collaborate with community organizations to address public health issues and promote healthy behaviors.

Schools and Universities

Schools and universities also need nurses and nursing assistants to care for students and faculty. In these settings, nurses and nursing assistants conduct health screenings, provide first aid, and administer medications to students with chronic health conditions. They also educate students and staff on health and wellness topics, such as proper nutrition and disease prevention.

Non-Traditional Environments

In addition to these traditional healthcare settings, nurses and nursing assistants may also work in non-traditional environments, such as correctional facilities and military bases. In these settings, their responsibilities include providing medical care to inmates and military personnel, as well as addressing any mental health issues that may arise.

Overall, nurses and nursing assistants are crucial in promoting the health and wellbeing of individuals in a wide range of settings. They work alongside other healthcare professionals to ensure the best possible outcomes for patients. Their dedication and hard work make a significant impact on the lives of those they care for, making them an indispensable part of any healthcare team.

CNA Job Responsibilities

Certified Nursing Assistants (CNAs) are crucial in the healthcare system. They work under the supervision of registered nurses and licensed practical nurses to provide direct patient care. CNAs assist patients with daily tasks such as bathing, dressing, feeding, and toileting. Additionally, they record patient vital signs, report any changes in a patient's condition to nurses, and provide emotional support to patients and their families.

LPN Job Responsibilities

Licensed Practical Nurses (LPNs) have a more advanced role in patient care compared to CNAs. They are responsible for administering medications, performing wound care, and assisting the RNs with nursing care plans. LPNs also monitor patient progress and communicate any changes or concerns to the healthcare team. In Wilkes Barre, LPNs can work in various departments, including medical-surgical, pediatrics, and geriatrics, giving them diverse job opportunities.

RN Job Responsibilities

Registered Nurses (RNs) provide and coordinate patient care, educate patients and their families about their health conditions, supervise and delegate tasks to CNAs and LPNs, and collaborate with physicians and other healthcare specialists to develop and implement treatment plans for patients. With the increasing demand for nurses in Wilkes Barre, RNs can find job opportunities in different roles.

Per Diem Shifts and Its Advantages

Per diem shifts are known for providing nurses with the flexibility of choosing their own schedules. This type of work allows nurses to pick and choose shifts that fit their lifestyle and availability. 

PRN nurses in Wilkes Barre also have the advantage of earning higher pay rates due to the temporary nature of the jobs. This can benefit those looking to supplement their income or prefer a more flexible work schedule.

Living and Working in Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania

In addition to the numerous job opportunities, Wilkes Barre offers its residents a high quality of life. With a low cost of living and a lower than the national average unemployment rate, it is an ideal place for both families and individuals. 

Things to Do in Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania

For those looking to explore the outdoors, Seven Tubs Recreation Area and Kirby Park are must-visit destinations in Wilkes Barre. 

  • Seven Tubs Recreation Area boasts several hiking trails, waterfalls, and picturesque views, making it a perfect spot for nature lovers. 
  • Kirby Park, located on the banks of the Susquehanna River, offers a variety of activities, such as picnicking, boating, and fishing.

Why Nurses and Nursing Assistants Love Their Jobs

Nurses and nursing assistants are passionate about providing care to others. They find fulfillment in helping patients in their time of need and making a positive impact on their lives. This sense of purpose and satisfaction is what drives them to excel in their jobs. Additionally, working in healthcare provides opportunities for personal and career growth, making it an attractive career choice for many.

Picking Up PRN Nursing Jobs with Nursa

For those looking to pick up PRN nursing jobs in Wilkes Barre—or in nearby Bloomsburg or Weatherly—Nursa is a reliable and convenient option. 

Nursa is an online platform that connects nursing professionals with local healthcare facilities in need of temporary staffing. Through Nursa, nurses can browse and pick PRN shifts that fit their skills, experience, and schedule. This gives nurses the flexibility they desire and allows them to gain the knowledge needed for future advancement by working in different healthcare settings.

Wilkes Barre offers a plethora of job opportunities to nursing professionals, including CNAs, LPNs, and RNs. With its vibrant community, affordable living, and access to recreational activities, Wilkes Barre is an attractive place to live and work. The availability of PRN nursing jobs and their advantages, such as flexible scheduling and higher pay rates, make it an ideal option for those looking for fulfilling and flexible job opportunities in healthcare. 

With Nursa's user-friendly platform, picking up PRN shifts in Wilkes Barre has never been easier for nursing professionals.

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