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Lori Fuqua
January 2, 2024

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We’re excited you’ve landed here, and we want the best for your per diem healthcare career. Once you’ve verified your license, you can search for per diem shifts at hospitals and healthcare facilities nearby. However, you’ll likely need additional nursing credentials to land those PRN jobs.

DISCLAIMER: This resource guide is not intended to declare all the credentials needed to pick up per diem shifts with Nursa—instead, it provides general information about common nursing credentials. Hospitals and facilities will have their own unique requirements stated on the individual shifts within the app, and those will vary depending on the specialty, the license, the setting, etc.

Nursing Credentials That May Be Required or Preferred for Nursa Clinicians

Nursing professionals across all license types connect with local per diem shifts on Nursa, a modern approach for strategic and responsive staffing.

Requirements by facilities vary not only by license and position but also by the state in which the facility or hospital is located and the nature of the setting. RN job requirements will vary across CNA or LPN job requirements, although there will also be commonalities. Regardless, we’ve put together an all-inclusive nurse onboarding credentials list. As you gather these nursing credentials—be sure to upload them to your Nursa profile.

Standard PRN Nursing Clinician Documentation

1. Driver’s License and/or Passport: 

You must have a valid government-issued picture identification, such as your state-issued driver’s license. You’ll need to color-scan both the front and back and save it as a PDF to upload. If you don’t have a valid driver’s license, you can use color scans of a state-issued photo identity card (for non-drivers issued by the DMV) or your passport card or passport book. This is a standard document requirement.

2. SSN Card: 

You may need to sign your Social Security Card and scan the front and back of it. If you cannot locate your Social Security Card, you can request one and provide us with a scan of the letter from the Social Security office confirming that your card is being processed. In some cases you may just need to enter your social security number.

3. Education Diplomas: 

The necessary diplomas include your high school graduation diploma or GED equivalent. If you have advanced education, you’ll need to include your associate’s or bachelor’s degree diploma from a nursing school. You must provide the school name, address, and dates attended. Nursa uses PeopleTrail and the National Student Clearinghouse to verify your education. 

4. References:

It is standard for facilities to want three references. References should be from supervisors or managers who can speak to your skills and character, and we recommend that at least one of your references is from your most recent employment.

5. Fit-to-Work Statement or Physical: 

Please provide a document clearly stating that you are “fit for work.” A physical exam is an appropriate substitute if you don’t have a fit-for-work statement.

6. Work History: 

Include your relative work history. Be sure to include the name and address of the facility where you worked. If your work history includes contracts or assignments with a staffing agency, include the agency’s name for each job.

7. Resume: 

Your resume should include your work history from up to seven years. Also, explain any gaps in your work history, such as if you took time off to be a caregiver, go back to school, etc. Check out these resume writing tips to help you along.

Set up Nursa Wallet

Go to your Nursa Wallet and complete the electronic W-9 form with your full legal name and SSN. As you are considered an independent contractor picking up PRN shifts, the W-9 form is required for Nursa to legally pay you and report your earnings at the end of the year. Choose whether you want to receive the 1099 form electronically or via mail. 

Follow the prompts to set up direct deposit to your bank. This is a necessary step to be paid for the shifts you work.

Background Checks

You cannot upload any previous background checks to the app. Nursa requires new federal and state background checks for all per diem clinicians before they begin working; therefore, Nursa covers the cost except in cases of fingerprint clearance cards. The checks are triggered when you request your first per diem shift on Nursa and are automatically uploaded to your Nursa profile upon completion.

Nursa uses outside third-party vendors, First Advantage and Checkr, to run the federal background checks. The vendor will email you to request additional information or direct you to take further steps, perhaps multiple times, so keep an eye on your junk or spam folders. The process will take five to seven business days.

For any additional state background checks, Nursa will reach out to you via email.

Background checks often include the GAS/SAM, OIG, the National and State Sex Offender Registries, and others depending on the facility’s requirements.

License Verification for CNAs, RNs, and LPNs/LVNs

  • CNA certification requirements vary by state and are not automatically transferable to other states. You must have a valid CNA license or certificate for each state you wish to work in. Follow the prompts within the app to verify your CNA credentials.
  • You must have valid RN or LPN/LVN licenses for each state you wish to work in; however, a compact nursing license is also appropriate depending on the state in which a shift is located. Nursa uses Nursys for nursing license verification; follow the prompts in the app.

Basic Certifications for Per Diem Nurses & CNAs

Be sure your certifications are current. If you aren’t sure about your certification status, you should check because you may need to renew. If you don’t have these nursing certifications, you may be limited in your options for PRN shifts that you are qualified for. 

  • CPR: Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation is sometimes part of CNA course training and is also offered by the American Red Cross, the American Heart Association (AHA), and some local fire departments.
  • BLS: Basic Life Support is offered by the AHA and the American Red Cross.
  • ACLS: Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support is offered by the AHA and the American Red Cross.
  • PALS: Pediatric Advanced Life Support is offered by the AHA and the American Red Cross.

Crisis Prevention Intervention Training

Some facilities may require Crisis Prevention and Intervention (CPI) certification for specific postings. This training equips you with knowledge and tactics to de-escalate disruptive behaviors.

Vaccinations and Titers

Vaccines and titers are vitally important for healthcare workers. Read this list of vaccinations and titers carefully. If you decline any of these vaccinations for health or religious reasons, you will need declination forms for each, which should be uploaded under “other credentials.” Nursa does not provide declination forms; please refer to your local health department.

  • Hepatitis B: Documentation of the three-series vaccination and titer paperwork is required.
  • MMR: Documentation of the two series vaccinations and titer paperwork is required.
  • Varicella: Documentation of the two series vaccinations and titer paperwork is required.
  • Influenza: Documentation of this vaccine is typically required by facilities.
  • COVID-19: Documentation of this vaccine is required in many states and facilities. 

Mask Fit Test for Healthcare Workers

The test verifies your ability to have a proper fit for N95 masks or respirators such as the following:

  • 3M N95 1860
  • 3M N95 1870
  • Kimberly Clark Duckbill

Tuberculosis Screening & Documents

  • The PPD are the skin tests (TB1 and TB2) for tuberculosis and should be performed annually throughout a healthcare worker’s career. Results should clearly show your name and test date.
  • The IGRA, Tspot, and QuantiFERON are various forms of tuberculosis titers. Different facilities will require different titers. Results should clearly show your name and collection date.
  • The Tdap booster immunization needs to be done on a 10-year cycle.
  • Some facilities may require a chest X-ray if you have tested positive for TB. The X-ray should rule out TB and be within the last five years.

Neonatal Resuscitation Program

Neonatal Resuscitation Program (NRP) certification from the American Academy of Pediatrics is a credential that is often required for clinicians who work in settings with infants.

Alzheimer’s and Dementia Training

Many Alzheimer’s and dementia training courses are offered online by the Alzheimer’s Association. While not usually required, RNs, LPNs/LVNs, CNAs, and CGs (Arizona) may find it helpful for PRN shifts in assisted living, skilled nursing, and long-term care facilities.

Trauma Nursing Core Course (TNCC)

The Trauma Nursing Core Course prepares you to respond to urgent circumstances, utilize your knowledge and critical thinking skills, and apply them practically under pressure.

Competency Exams and Skills Checklists

Not all facilities require competency exams, but when they do, sometimes the exams will be sent through the platform Prophecy. You will receive login instructions to complete the requested assessments, and you can convert your results to a PDF for your records. Certain facilities may also request skills passoffs or other types of competency exams to assess your abilities applicable to the shift.

Join Other Clinicians in the Per Diem Staffing Revolution

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Lori Fuqua
Blog published on:
January 2, 2024

Lori is a contributing copywriter at Nursa who creates compelling content focusing on location highlights, nurse licensing, compliance, community, and social care.

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