Cornelius, North Carolina, is a charming lakeside town with picturesque views, a small-town atmosphere, and a bustling economy. Cornelius offers a variety of healthcare facilities, allowing nurses to thrive in their careers.


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Check out PRN Nursing Jobs in Cornelius, North Carolina

Are you a nursing professional looking for a job with flexibility, higher pay rates, and a great location? Look no further than Cornelius, North Carolina – a charming lakeside town with a growing population and a high demand for healthcare workers. In this article, we will explore the world of per diem nursing jobs in Cornelius, including job responsibilities for CNAs, LPNs, and RNs, the advantages of PRN shifts, living in the city, things to do, and why nurses and nursing assistants love their jobs.

What Does a CNA, LPN, or RN Do in this City?

Before delving into the details of PRN nursing jobs, let's first understand the role and responsibilities of a certified nursing assistant (CNA), licensed practical nurse (LPN), and registered nurse (RN) in Cornelius.

CNAs are:

  • The backbone of the healthcare sector.
  • Providing essential daily care to patients in hospitals.
  • Clinics.
  • Long-term care facilities.

Their duties often include:

  • Assisting patients with personal hygiene.
  • Taking vitals.
  • Serving meals.
  • Helping with mobility and basic medical procedures.

CNAs in Cornelius may also have additional responsibilities.

LPNs work under the direction of RNs and physicians, providing basic medical care to patients. Their duties may include:

  • Administering medications.
  • Monitoring patients' vital signs.
  • Performing certain medical procedures, such as inserting and removing IVs.

Depending on the facility's size and needs, LPNs in Cornelius may also oversee CNAs and assist with their responsibilities.

RNs are the most highly skilled nursing professionals and have a wider scope of practice than CNAs and LPNs. They assess patients' needs, create care plans, administer medications, manage and coordinate care, and educate patients and their families about health issues. RNs in Cornelius may work in hospitals, clinics, or home health settings and may have additional responsibilities, such as supervising LPNs and CNAs.

Per Diem Shifts Benefit Nurses 

Now that we understand the job responsibilities let's explore why PRN nursing jobs are attractive to CNAs, LPNs, and RNs in Cornelius.

One of the main advantages of PRN shifts is higher pay rates. This makes PRN jobs an excellent option.

Another significant benefit of PRN shifts is the flexibility they offer. Many nurses and nursing assistants have busy lives outside of work, and PRN jobs allow them to pick their shifts and create a schedule that works for them. This flexibility is particularly crucial for those with families or other commitments requiring them to be available during specific times of the day.

Living in Cornelius

Cornelius is a picturesque town known for its relaxed atmosphere, friendly community, and outdoor recreational activities. With a population of just over 30,000, Cornelius boasts a small-town feel with big-city amenities.


Education is a top priority for the residents of Cornelius. The town is home to a highly-rated public school system and several private schools. Several higher education institutions, such as Davidson College, Queens University of Charlotte, and UNC Charlotte, are also in the surrounding areas.

Cost of Living

The cost of living in Cornelius is slightly higher than the national average, but it is still more affordable than other major cities. Housing costs are the most significant factor, with the median home price at around $300,000. However, with the town's low crime rate, excellent schools, and beautiful surroundings, it's a worthwhile investment for those settling down in Cornelius.


Speaking of surroundings, Cornelius has plenty to offer for outdoor enthusiasts. Lake Norman provides ample opportunities for water activities, such as boating, fishing, and jet-skiing. Several parks and nature preserves in and around the town are also perfect for hiking and exploring.

Things to Do

When it comes to things to do, Cornelius has something for everyone. You'll find it all here whether you enjoy outdoor activities, cultural experiences, or shopping and dining. Here are our top recommendations for things to do in Cornelius:

  • Visit the Historic Bradford Store, a local landmark and the oldest store in Cornelius. It offers a glimpse into the town's history.
  • Spend a day at Jetton Park, a beautiful lakefront park with picnic areas, playgrounds, and walking trails.
  • Explore the Cornelius Arts Center, a vibrant community art center that offers classes, workshops, and exhibitions.
  • Take a tour of the Lake Norman-Yacht Club: a favorite spot for sailing enthusiasts, with a busy social calendar and regular regattas.
  • Indulge in a wine tasting at the Lake Norman Winery, a family-owned vineyard that produces award-winning wines.
  • Shop and dine at Birkdale Village, the town's premier shopping and dining destination, with a charming Main Street feel.
  • Learn about local history at the Catawba Cultural Center, a cultural heritage center dedicated to preserving and promoting Native American culture.
  • Take a run or stroll at the Peninsula Yacht Club, a private club with a beautiful two-mile walking and jogging trail.
  • You can have a day of family fun at Discovery Place Kids, a hands-on science and play museum for young children.

Enjoy these recommendations with friends and family.

Additionally, if you are a PRN nursing professional living in Cornelius, you can also find jobs in nearby areas, such as Davidson, Gastonia, and Charlotte, North Carolina.

Why Do Nurses and Nursing Assistants Love Their Jobs?

Aside from the many perks of PRN shifts, there are many reasons why nurses and nursing assistants love their jobs in Cornelius. The town's friendly and welcoming nature, access to top-rated healthcare facilities, and a strong sense of community make it an ideal place to work and live.

Additionally, Cornelius has a relatively low unemployment rate, providing job security for nursing professionals. The cost of living is also relatively lower compared to nearby major cities, making it a desirable location for those looking to start their careers or families.

Cornelius, North Carolina, is a hidden gem for nursing professionals looking for PRN jobs. With a picturesque location, a strong sense of community, and a high demand for healthcare workers, it's no wonder why nurses and nursing assistants love their jobs here. So, if you're looking for a rewarding career with flexible scheduling, higher pay rates, and a great location, look no further than PRN nursing jobs in Cornelius. For this purpose, create a profile with Nursa and start your journey as a PRN nurse today.

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