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The labor and delivery nursing specialty is a uniquely rewarding specialty, fraught with high tension, hard work, and high reward for everyone involved. RNs, LPNs, and CNAs who work in the maternity ward are compassionate and often find these positions to be the most emotionally rewarding.

Where Do Labor & Delivery Nurses Work

Labor and delivery nurses work in hospitals or birthing centers assisting mothers, physicians, and midwives with the labor and delivery of babies.

Nursa™ is connected with hospitals and birthing centers to ensure staffing issues and shift gaps never adversely affect pregnant mothers by connecting clinicians to PRN shifts.

What Do Labor & Delivery Nurses Do

Coaching and guiding soon-to-be mothers through the labor process is a core responsibility of an L&D nurse. Moreover, they monitor the mother and baby during the process, keeping watch for potential problems or complications with the labor. Additionally they administer medications or epidurals to assist with pain management, assist with the actual process of delivering the baby, and if emergency cesarean is necessary some are even trained to assist in the operating room.

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Recommended Certifications for Labor & Delivery Nurses

Basic Life Support (BLS) and Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) certifications are required for any nurse wishing to work in labor and delivery. Additional certifications offered through the National Certification Corporation (NCC) specific to obstetrics, fetal monitoring, and neonatal are also available and may be preferred or even required after a certain amount of experience is obtained. Moreover the Inpatient Obstetric Nursing (RNC-OB) may be required by some hospitals and will provide you a competitive edge in the specialty.

Important Characteristics of a Successful Labor & Delivery Nurse

A competent and successful labor and delivery nurse must be calm and practical while they care for and guide mothers through the trials and difficulties of giving birth to their babies. Keen assessment skills of both the physical and emotional state of the mothers remains important for the reason that each woman is unique as are her experiences, expectations, and body’s physical capability. An L&D nurse will apply her assessment skills and adapt quickly to the mothers needs the process of the labor and delivery of her patients.

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