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Ultimate Guide to LPN Salary in Rhode Island [2024]

Licensed practical nurses (LPNs) wield their skills, expertise, and dedication to make a vital difference in healthcare. Still and all, LPN incomes are far from uniform, fluctuating with variables such as location and facility type. This guide is your gateway to uncovering the financial prospects of LPNs in Rhode Island, delving into their average incomes and how they compare to those in nearby states. 

Table of Average LPN Salaries in Neighboring States and Difference with Wages in RI

State Average LPN Wage Difference with Wage in Rhode Island
Massachusetts $68,170 +$1,400
Rhode Island $66,770 NA
New Hampshire $63,550 -$3,220
Connecticut $62,620 -$4,150
New York $57,560 -$9,210
Vermont $57,150 -$9,620
Maine $55,830 -$10,940
National Average $55,860 -$10,910

As you can see, the RI average LPN salary is well above the national average and higher than all the surrounding states except Massachusetts. 

This resource provides publicly available information from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the United States Census Bureau, and the MIT Living Wage Calculator about average LPN salaries, employment, location quotient, population, and living wage in Rhode Island (most recent information as of December 2023). While Nursa currently offers independent contractor LPNs in Rhode Island the opportunity to access per diem jobs that pay on an hourly basis rather than access to salaried or wage-based employment opportunities, this information may be a helpful frame of reference for you as you assess the market landscape both in regard to per diem jobs and employment opportunities.

What’s the Average LPN Salary in the State of Rhode Island?

Understanding the annual income for LPNs in Rhode Island is important because your time is worth money.

The average LPN wage in Rhode Island is $66,770 annually. To better understand LPN income, explore the typical Rhode Island licensed practical nurse pay range and percentiles.

  • Ninety percent of LPNs in Rhode Island earn less than $81,390, and 10 percent earn more.
  • Seventy-five percent of LPNs earn less than $70,700, and 25 percent earn more.
  • Fifty percent of LPNs make less than $62,810, and 50 percent make more.
  • Twenty-five percent of LPNs make less than $60,720, and 75 percent make more.
  • Ten percent of LPNs receive less than $57,500, and 90 percent earn more.

Understanding these percentiles helps you evaluate where your wage falls within the LPN pay spectrum. 

What Is the Rhode Island LPN Wage per Hour?

The average LPN hourly wage in Rhode Island stands at $32.10. Covering only 1,214 square miles, it is the smallest state in the US, divided into only two statistical areas, each including part of another state: one extending into Massachusetts and the other into Connecticut. You can see these areas, their average LPN hourly pay, and their main RI cities in the table below.

Table of Statistical Areas in RI, Their Hourly LPN Wage, and the Main Cities in RI

Area Average Hourly LPN Wage Main City within RI
Providence-Warwick (RI-Massachusetts) $31.28 Providence
Norwich-New London-Westerley (RI-Connecticut) $29.08 Westerley

As you can see, both areas are below the state average hourly wage for LPNs, but this is due to the inclusion of cities and towns from other states. Find information on CNA, LPN, and RN pay in How Much Do Nurses Make?

Cost of Living in Rhode Island

When assessing your finances, it’s crucial to consider the cost of living. The number of dependents and working adults in the household are essential cost of living considerations.

Table: Cost of Living in RI (Annual Income Required per Working Adult)

One Adult Two Adults (One Working) Two Adults (Both Working)
No children $36,443 $56,775 $56,775
One child $74,066 $69,564 $82,108
Two children $95,844 $79,434 $104,521

To understand how this cost of living relates to your potential earnings as an LPN, let’s do a little math, subtracting the cost of living from the average annual income to see how much you might have after basic expenses:

  • For a single adult with no children: The average RI LPN income minus the cost of living for a single adult with no children leaves you with an extra $30,370 annually.
  • For a single parent with one child: The average LPN income minus the cost of living for a single adult with one child leaves you with an annual deficit of $7,299.

How does your household income compare with the cost of living? As an LPN in Rhode Island, it’s crucial to evaluate your finances realistically, considering the impact of the cost of living. If you need to supplement your income, consider picking up high-paying per diem shifts with Nursa.

Highest-Paying Cities in Rhode Island for Nurses

To identify the most lucrative job opportunities, see the table below of major cities in Rhode Island known for offering high-paid per diem shifts. These cities can be excellent places to speed up your LPN career.

Table of Major Cities Offering High-Paid Per Diem Job Opportunities

City Population Area in Square Miles
Providence 189,563 18 m2
Warwick 83,016 35 m2
Cranston 82,421 28 m2
East Providence 46,691 13 m2
North Providence 33,935 6 m2
Johnston 29,506 23 m2
Westerly 18,423 15 m2

Nursa connects you directly with per diem LPN job opportunities in the mentioned cities and across various locations in Rhode Island or other states. Click on the links in the table above to explore these opportunities. 

How Many LPNs Does Rhode Island Employ?

Knowing how much you can earn in RI may help you choose the best option when considering independent contractor work or applying for salaried or wage-based employment. Furthermore, knowing how many LPNs the state employs can give you an idea of the job opportunities in the area.

Rhode Island employs roughly 940 LPNs, and its location quotient of 0.46 indicates a low concentration or share of LPNs, less than half the national average. A location quotient of one is the same as the national average; an LQ under one is lower, and an LQ over one is higher. Of the New England states, Maine has the lowest concentration of LPNs with a location quotient of 0.36, and Connecticut has the highest at 1.26.

LPNs who enjoy boating will have extra time and money to get out on the waters when they earn a higher annual income with per diem jobs.

What’s the Difference between an LPN and an RN?

LPNs typically complete a one-year training program and work under the supervision of a registered nurse (RN) or doctor. In contrast, RNs undergo more extensive training, including a two-year Associate Degree in Nursing (ADN) or a four-year Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN), allowing them to handle more complex patient care. 

How Can I Become an LPN in Rhode Island?

The Rhode Island nursing schools mentioned below have LPN programs. Also, discover a bridge program that acknowledges the valuable experience of a practical nurse.

Upon completing an LPN program, graduates are generally eligible to take the National Council Licensure Examination for Practical Nurses (NCLEX-PN) to obtain their licenses and start working as LPNs (with certain considerations). Find out more about LPN-to-RN bridge programs.

How Can I Find Per Diem Independent Contractor Jobs near Me?

Healthcare marketplace platforms like Nursa are valuable resources to land per diem LPN jobs in Rhode Island. Nursa streamlines the job hunt, connects nurses with relevant openings, and helps LPNs secure high-paying per diem work that aligns with their career goals. 

Hospitals and other facilities post per diem jobs on Nursa, making it easy for LPNs, RNs, and CNAs to search and apply for shifts close to home or in the location of their choice. Browse LPN jobs available today with Nursa.

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