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Ultimate Guide to RN Salary in Virginia [2024]

If you are a registered nurse (RN) living and working in Virginia and looking for information about RN pay, this resource guide is for you. 

Location Average Annual Wage Average Monthly Wage Average Weekly Wage Average Hourly Wage
Richmond (Goochland County, Hopewell) $82,670 $6,889.20 $1,590.00 $39.75
Charlottesville $80,890 $6,740.80 $1,555.60 $38.89
Arlington-Alexandria (Manassas, Loudoun County, Fredericksburg, Fairfax) $80,889 $6,740.00 $1,554.00 $38.80
Virginia Beach-Norfolk-Newport News $79,450 $6,620.80 $1,528.00 $38.20
Southside Virginia nonmetropolitan area $75,300 $6,275.00 $1,448.00 $36.20
Roanoke (Salem) $74,760 $6,230.00 $1,437.60 $35.94
Harrisonburg $73,840 $6,153.30 $1,420.00 $35.50
Lynchburg (Amherst) $73,650 $6,137.50 $1,416.40 $35.41
Staunton-Waynesboro $73,370 $6,114.20 $1,410.80 $35.27
Northwest Virginia nonmetropolitan area (Clifton Forge, Marion) $71,600 $5,966.70 $1,376.80 $34.42
Northeast Virginia nonmetropolitan area $71,580 $5,965.00 $1,376.40 $34.41
Blacksburg-Christiansburg-Radford-Pulaski $70,340 $5,861.70 $1,352.80 $33.82
Southwest Virginia nonmetropolitan area, Norton $66,790 $5,565.80 $1,284.40 $32.11

This resource provides publicly available information from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics and the MIT Living Wage Calculator about average RN salaries, employment, location quotient, and living wage in Virginia (most recent information as of December 2023). While Nursa currently offers independent contractor RNs in Virginia the opportunity to access per diem jobs that pay on an hourly basis rather than access to salaried or wage-based employment opportunities, this information may be a helpful frame of reference for you as you assess the market landscape both in regard to per diem jobs and employment opportunities.

​​What’s the Average RN Salary in Virginia?

What is your average annual income as an RN in Virginia?

Virginia's annual mean registered nurse wage is $81,860, or $39,36 per hour. The RN mean wage is $89,010 nationwide, placing Virginia’s wage under the national average. Nevertheless, RN wages depend on several factors.

To better understand potential RN pay in Virginia, this table presents percentile information on registered nurses’ wages per hour and per year for Virginia compared to the country as a whole. 

Percentile National Annual Wage Virginia Annual Wage National Hourly Wage Virginia Hourly Wage
10% $61,250 $61,970 $29.45 $29.79
25% $66,680 $65,660 $32.06 $31.57
Median (50%) $81,220 $79,700 $39.05 $38.32
75% $101,100 $93,320 $48.60 $44.87
90% $129,400 $104,410 $62.21 $50.20

The percentile wage estimate indicates the percentage of workers earning below the given wage. For example, nationwide, 50 percent of RNs typically earn more than $81,220, and 50 percent earn less; 10 percent of RNs earn less than $61,250, and 90 percent earn more.

How Do RNs Make More per Hour in Virginia?

On an hourly basis, RNs in Virginia can expect to earn an average of $38.32 per hour, as mentioned above. Of course, there are a variety of VA nursing jobs, and RNs can find ways to earn higher wages.

Here are some factors that affect the hourly earnings for RN jobs in Virginia:

  • Location: As mentioned above, different cities offer different earnings in Virginia.
  • Setting: Working as an RN in a hospital typically has a different hourly wage than working in a nursing home, home health, etc.
  • Type of Job: RNs generally make more money per hour when working PRN or per diem shifts than in staff positions.

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Cost of Living Information for Virginia

Once RNs have information on average wages in Virginia, it is crucial to compare this wage with cost of living considerations adjusted for Virginia. In the following table, we share updated information on the living wage by family composition:

Single Adult One Adult with One Child Two Adults (One Working) Two Adults (One Working) and One Child
Living Wage
$19.04 $38.12 $28.74 $35.62

Employment and Location Quotient in Virginia

Knowing how much you can earn in Virginia may help you choose the best option when considering independent contractor work or applying for salaried or wage-based employment. Furthermore, employment and location quotient information can give you insights into the availability of RN jobs in Virginia. 

For every 1,000 jobs in Virginia, there are 17.94 registered nurses. This concentration of RNs is lower than the national average. Whereas the location quotient of registered nurses in Virginia is 0.86, the national LQ is one.

How to Become an RN in Virginia

To become a registered nurse and start looking for RN jobs in Virginia, candidates must complete a nursing program, typically either an associate degree in nursing (ADN) or a bachelor of science in nursing (BSN), and pass the National Council Licensure Examination for Registered Nurses (NCLEX-RN). Afterward, aspiring registered nurses can apply for a Virginia RN license (with certain considerations). ​​The Virginia Board of Nursing also requires applicants to submit to a fingerprint-based criminal background check.

If you are already a nurse, you can look up the status of your Virginia RN license here.

Virginia offers registered nurses a huge advantage: It is a compact state, meaning that it participates in the eNLC or Enhanced Nurse Licensure Compact. Members of the eNLC can have a multi-state license that allows them to work in many states.

RNs in Virginia can enjoy the lush outdoors on their days off work.

What Are the Highest-Paying Nursing Specialties in VA?

The top-earning specialties nationally generally have the highest earnings and enjoy a high demand throughout Virginia as well. Some of these specialties include the following:

  • Emergency room (ER) 
  • Operating room (OR)
  • Medical-surgical (med/surg)

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