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Your Guide to CNA Salary in Oklahoma [2024]

Do you want to know more about building a career as a certified nursing assistant (CNA) in Oklahoma? Nursa offers updated Oklahoma CNA pay information and puts rewarding PRN job opportunities at your fingertips.

What's the Average CNA Salary in the State of Oklahoma?

Compare the Oklahoma CNA wage per hour and year to the national mean.

CNA Mean Wages Oklahoma United States
Annually $30.20 $36,220
Per Hour $14.52 $17.41

This resource provides publicly available information from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) and the MIT Living Wage Calculator about average CNA salaries, employment, location quotient, and living wage in Oklahoma (most recent information as of January 2024). While Nursa currently offers independent contractor CNAs in Oklahoma (OK) the opportunity to access per diem jobs that pay on an hourly basis rather than access to salaried or wage-based employment opportunities, this information may be a helpful frame of reference for you as you assess the market landscape both regarding per diem jobs and employment opportunities.

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CNAs in Oklahoma can save the money they earn and explore the outdoors on their days off work

On average, Oklahoma nursing assistants earn almost $7,000 less annually than the national average CNA salary. However, Oklahoma nursing assistant wages vary widely, ranging from $23,960 to $35,510 per year on average. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) provides reliable and clear-cut percentiles of Oklahoma's typical CNA pay range—in other words, percentages of CNAs working in the state who earn up to a certain amount.

  • 10th percentile: $23,960
  • 25th percentile: $27,830
  • 50th percentile: $29,840
  • 75th percentile: $33,110
  • 90th percentile: $35,310

What do these wage percentiles mean? And how does this data help you in your career planning? For example, the 10th and lowest percentile indicates that only 10 percent of CNAs in Oklahoma earn less than $23,960, while 90 percent earn more. The 90th and highest percentile specifies that 10 percent earn more than $35,310 and 90 percent earn less. Understanding mean wage percentiles helps you foresee your potential income and make well-grounded decisions regarding your financial future. 

How Much Do CNAs Make in Oklahoma?

CNA compensation is twice as much as the $7.25 Oklahoma minimum wage, the same as the federal minimum wage set by the Fair Labor Standards Act.

How Much Do Nursing Assistants Make Per Hour in Oklahoma? 

Data on the current hourly rates and the yearly wages is crucial for certified nursing assistants, especially those considering per diem CNA jobs in Oklahoma, which usually pay by the hour.

On average, CNAs who pick up PRN jobs earn higher hourly rates than those who work as “employees.”

The average CNA pay in this state is $14.52; however, in the table below, you can see the average Oklahoma CNA wage per hour in each area, as well as links to towns and cities with per diem —also called PRN—job offers, allowing you to compare those wages with the pay posted for PRN CNA jobs in Oklahoma. PRN stands for Pro Re Nata in Latin, which means "as needed."

Areas, Cities/Towns, and Average Wages:

Area Cities and Towns with links to PRN Job Posts Mean Hourly Wage
Tulsa metropolitan area Tulsa, Broken Arrow, Fairfax, Glenpool, Claremore $15.05
Lawson Metro Lawton, Barnsdall $13.70
Oklahoma City Metro Oklahoma City, Edmond, Bethany, Mustang, Harrah, Jones, Lexington, Norman, Tuttle, Midwest City $14.90
Enid Metro Enid $13.82
NE OK non-metropolitan area Jay, Grove $13.89
Fort Smith Vian $14.24
SE OK. Non-metropolitan area Sulphur $14.13
SW OK. Non-metropolitan area Carnegie $13.32
NW OK. Non-metropolitan area Mooreland, Stillwater $13.97

CNA pay per hour in Oklahoma ranges from $13.32 to $15.05, as seen in the table above.

Location makes a difference in Oklahoma CNA pay, and BLS data shows a variation of close to $2 per hour or over $3,500 a year. Tulsa and Oklahoma City pay the most, followed by Fort Smith. Remember that per diem or PRN jobs usually have far higher hourly compensation across the state and the nation. 

CNAs in Oklahoma work with registered nurses (RNs) and licensed practical nurses (LPNs).

Why do per diem jobs pay more?

Healthcare systems often need more staffing due to absences, vacations, and busy periods such as the winter. To fill these needs promptly, healthcare systems offer premium hourly wages. Per diem nurses are lifesavers, ensuring optimum and timely patient care during these gaps.

With Nursa, you will find per diem CNA jobs in Oklahoma that offer flexibility and attractive hourly rates that the facilities can manage because they save on the overhead costs of hiring and benefits. 

For further information on CNA salary, consult Nursa's CNA Salary Guide.

Cost of Living Considerations for Oklahoma

Along with a grasp of your potential income, it is also helpful to know your expenses. The annual living wage—the cost of living— is around $32,228 for one single adult, taking a leap up to over double for a single adult with one child and increasing to above $87,000 for a single parent with two children.

The average CNA income in Oklahoma falls short of covering the typical expenses of one adult and doesn't come close to supporting an adult with one or more children. Nevertheless, in a dual-income household, the CNA average wage added to another income will go a long way to make ends meet.

How can you become a CNA in Oklahoma?

How Can I Become a CNA in Oklahoma?

The first step to becoming a CNA is finding and completing a state-approved class near you and passing the Oklahoma CNA certification exam. 

Choose Your Path: 

Oklahoma offers five categories of CNA specialization beyond the standard long-term care aide (LTC), including the following:

  • Home Health Aide (HHA),
  • Developmentally Disabled Direct Care Aide (DDCA),
  • Residential Care Aide (RCA),
  • Adult Day Care Aide (ADC),
  • Certified Medication Aide (CMA).

The long-term care aide training is the basis, takes four weeks, and is required for the other five categories, which take an additional 16 hours of training. LTC is the equivalent of CNA in other states.

Find CNA Classes Near You in Oklahoma: 

CNA training is widely available in Oklahoma - look for programs at community colleges, vocational schools, and even some medical facilities. See approved training programs on the Oklahoma State Department of Health's official list and nurse aide registry.

Take the Test with the Following Prerequisites:

  • Completion of an approved training program
  • Payment of testing fees established by each testing site
  • Presentation of valid, current photo identification (e.g., passport, driver's license, school-issued ID) and a Social Security Card

Verify Your Registration as a CNA:

Once you have completed a certified nursing assistant program and successfully passed the CNA state exam, your name will be officially added to the Oklahoma Nurse Aide or CNA Registry, and you will be eligible for nurse assistant jobs. You can verify your registration using the CNA license lookup in Oklahoma.

Find a Job:

Nursa provides a fast and easy way to find PRN jobs. 

Are PCTs the Same as CNAs?

Patient Care Technician (PCT) jobs are also available in Oklahoma. Certification requires completing a one to two-year training program and passing one of the Oklahoma-approved exams, including the Certified Patient Care Technician/Assistant (CPCT/A) exam or the National Healthcareer Association (NHA) exam. Although PCTs often have daily duties similar to CNAs, patient care techs have more medical training and can sometimes perform procedures such as inserting catheters, removing stitches or staples, or operating more advanced medical monitoring equipment.

How Many CNAs Does Oklahoma Currently Employ?

Knowing how much you can earn in Oklahoma will help you choose the best option when considering independent contractor work or applying for salaried or wage-based employment. In addition, you may want to know which areas within the state employ more CNAs. But first, take a look at the terminology.

What does “Location Quotient” mean?

The location quotient (LQ) tells you how many people work in a specific type of job within a particular area compared to the national average. So, a location quotient under one is lower than the nationwide average, and an LQ over one is higher. 

What does the term “CNA Employment” refer to in the context of CNA job statistics?

CNA employment indicates the number of CNA jobs per 1,000 in the state or area and is valuable for a comprehensive view of the job market.

What are the concentration and employment levels of CNAs in each area of Oklahoma?

State and Areas # of CNAs Employed #CNA Jobs/1000 jobs Location Quotient
Oklahoma State 16360 10,19 1.15
Oklahoma City 5600 8.93 1.01
Tulsa 4290 10.05 1.13
NE OK non-metropolitan 1840 15.99 1.80
SE OK non-metropolitan 1730 10.45 1.18
Fort Smith 1480 14.11 1.59
NW OK non-metropolitan 850 8.94 1.01
SW OK non-metropolitan 830 13.71 1.55
Lawton 370 8.97 1.01
Enid 360 15.75 1.78

The North Eastern Non-Metropolitan and Enid areas have the highest concentration of CNA jobs in relation to the national average and other occupations in the area. On the other hand, Oklahoma City, the largest in terms of population, definitely shows the greatest number of CNAs working within the region.

How Can I Find CNA Jobs in Oklahoma?

Register with Nursa, find healthcare facilities with open PRN jobs, and apply, all free. Join Nursa and find home healthcare, nursing home, hospital jobs, and much more for CNAs in OK.


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