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Your Guide to RN Salary in New Mexico [2024]

We’ve explored the overall state average and how it compares on a broader scale as well as reviewed the range of wage data across the percentiles. What remains, however, is to consider how nurse compensation can vary based on geographic location. As such, the following table shows how the hourly rates differ in areas across the state.

How Much Do RNs Make per Hour in New Mexico?

Metropolitan Area Mean Hourly Wage Employment Location Quotient
Santa Fe $42.73 850 0.69
Albuquerque $41.94 8,670 1.09
Northern nonmetropolitan area $40.28 1,250 0.77
Farmington $38.75 730 0.81
Eastern nonmetropolitan area $38.23 2,250 0.70
Las Cruces $37.30 1,330 0.88

This resource provides publicly available information from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) and the MIT Living Wage Calculator about average RN salaries, employment, location quotient, and living wage in New Mexico (most recent information as of February 2024). While Nursa currently offers independent contractor RNs in New Mexico the opportunity to access per diem jobs that pay on an hourly basis rather than access to salaried or wage-based employment opportunities, this information may be a helpful frame of reference for you as you assess the market landscape both in regard to per diem jobs and employment opportunities.

If you’re researching wage information on registered nurses (RNs) in New Mexico to decide if it’s the right career path for you before applying to nursing schools in New Mexico or merely seeking to compare how your income compares to other nurses in similar settings, we’re glad you’re here. We’ve created this guide to be a resource for you, showcasing the range of publicly available wage data, how to become an RN, and where and how to find RN jobs in New Mexico.

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What's the Average RN Salary in New Mexico?

This is one of the top questions on nurses’ minds in the sunny state, understandably so. The following table includes the national average as well as the averages of surrounding states to provide context:

Area RN Mean Annual Wage RN Mean Hourly Wage Living Wage (single adult without children)
United States $89,010 $42.80
New Mexico $85,580 $41.15 $20.10
a statue of a nurse
Nurses have been monumental in the healthcare industry.

Knowing how much you can earn in New Mexico may help you choose the best option when considering independent contractor work or applying for salaried or wage-based employment.

From the table, we can observe that the registered nurse salary for New Mexico is closely aligned with that of its neighboring states, and the hourly averages are well above the suggested hourly living wage for a single adult with no children. 

To learn about the top-paying states for RNs, take a peek at our article, “Top 10 Best Paying States for RNs.”

How Much Do Nurses Make in New Mexico?

Next, we dive deeper into the data: why?

Although averages are important data, they don’t show the full range of registered nurse salary in New Mexico. This table shows the breakdown of the nearly 16,000 RNs working across the state in percentiles.

Percentile Hourly Wage Annual Wage Percentile Definitions
10th $31.02 $64,510 Ninety percent of RNs earn more than these amounts.
25th $36.40 $75,720 Seventy-five percent of RNs earn more than these amounts.
Median $39.42 $81,990 Half of RNs earn more than these amounts, and half earn less.
75th $46.37 $96,450 Twenty-five percent of RNs earn more than these amounts.
90th $51.11 $106,300 Ten percent of RNs earn more than these amounts.
Desert mountains of New Mexico
PRN RNs have ample opportunities with many high-paying jobs in the land of enchantment.

How to Become an RN in New Mexico

In order to become a registered nurse, you’ll need to graduate from an accredited nursing program and pass the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX) licensure exam. RN schools in New Mexico must maintain approval with the New Mexico Board of Nursing (NMBON). Consequently, before committing to any of the RN programs in New Mexico, be sure to check the board’s list

With nursing licensure, there may be certain considerations or exceptions when it comes to obtaining a license. The NMBON is in charge of nursing regulation, which means they are an excellent resource for you to learn about specific considerations or exceptions that may apply to you as well as responsible for any New Mexico RN license verification or lookup, which you can do via their portal.

What Are the Highest-Paying Cities for RNs in New Mexico?

Hopefully, by this point, you’re understanding that it’s difficult to say exactly how much you can expect to earn as an RN. How much you earn as an RN can be influenced by how much work experience you have, the setting you work in, if you have a specialization, and where you are: Santa Fe and Albuquerque are at the top of the location list in the table above; however, those aren’t the only areas with opportunities. 

Per diem (PRN) RN jobs (independent contracts) typically offer higher hourly pay rates than traditional employment, so that’s an option to consider as well. Another way RNs can earn a higher salary is by specializing in specific areas of healthcare, such as Medsurg, ER, ICU, and TELE. Check out the pay rates in other areas for PRN registered nursing jobs in New Mexico, such as the following:

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