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Living and Working in Louisville, Colorado as a Nurse

Welcome to Louisville, Colorado! As a traveling healthcare professional looking for an opportunity, you’ve made an excellent choice in considering Louisville. This thriving city and Boulder County seat has a population of about 20,000, making it one of the larger cities on the Front Range. Here, you’ll find plenty of ways to make a living offering your healthcare expertise—and enjoy some great mountain living simultaneously.

Louisville, Colorado, is an excellent place for nurses to live and work, offering a wide variety of job opportunities for nursing professionals. The city boasts a unique, vibrant culture, providing medical professionals with a safe and healthy environment to live and work. This article will explore the advantages of living and working in Louisville, Colorado, as an RN, LPN, or CNA, focusing on job opportunities, salaries, and the city’s unique amenities.

What are Some Surrounding Cities in Louisville?

Louisville is a convenient location minutes east of the foothills. Only a short drive northwest of Denver, Louisville is a popular spot for those looking to balance a career in healthcare with easy access to outdoor adventures. The city is close to several other Front Range cities, further expanding job opportunities and recreational activities for those picking up PRN nursing jobs. Some of the nearest cities to Louisville include Broomfield (2 miles to the northwest), Lafayette (5 miles to the northeast), Superior (5 miles to the southwest), and Longmont (7 miles to the northeast).

How is the Climate in Louisville?

Even in the short winters, Louisville maintains a mild climate year-round. In the coldest month (January), temperatures typically range from highs of 43°F to lows of 17°F. From June through August, temperatures range from highs of 86°F to lows of 50°F. The city receives 13 inches of snow and just over 14 inches of rain annually—perfect for those seeking a mix of snow sports and outdoor adventures.

What’s the Cost of Living in Louisville?

Louisville has a relatively low cost of living compared to the national average—in particular, for healthcare professionals, housing costs are exceptionally affordable. The national median home value is approximately $234,105, while the Louisville median home value is only $364,900. That translates into housing costs hovering around 20% less than the national average in Louisville. Overall, The area maintains a cost of living index of 115, slightly higher than the United States average of 100.

Population of Louisville

As a fast-growing city, Louisville offers plenty of job opportunities for healthcare professionals and community gatherings and events that make it easy and enjoyable to meet new people. The population of this city was recorded at 20,182 in 2017 and continues to climb steadily as more people recognize the area’s appeal.

What are Some Popular Things to Do in Louisville?

No matter your interests, Louisville has something to keep you entertained. Whether looking to appreciate the outdoors or stay close to the city, you’ll find plenty of ways to keep busy. For a day of family fun, head to the nearby Elitch Gardens Theme & Water Park in Denver. Other outdoor activities include hiking trails in the nearby Rocky Mountain National Park and surrounding areas. Other popular local attractions and events include the Louisville Street Faire, The Louisville Big Band Concerts, the Louisville Arts and Cultural Festival, and the Louisville Founders Day Festival.

In conclusion, Louisville perfectly balances modern-day conveniences and natural beauty. In addition, its proximity to numerous other cities and attractions makes it an ideal spot for those looking to pursue a healthcare career and explore new areas. With a low cost of living and diverse population, Louisville always has something new to discover.

Registered Nurse (RN) Jobs in Louisville

The largest of the three categories of jobs in Louisville, registered nurses make up the majority of nursing professionals in the area. RNs are in high demand due to the city’s large healthcare infrastructure, and the average earnings for RNs in Louisville is $72,916, with those with four or more years of experience earning upwards of $83,000. Registered nurses have a wide range of Job opportunities in Louisville, from traditional hospital-based nursing roles to more specialized positions such as emergency, intensive care, and labor and delivery nursing. The duties of an RN in Louisville may include:

  • Providing direct patient care.
  • Administering medications.
  • Performing lab tests.
  • Providing health education to patients and their families.

Per Diem LPN Jobs in Louisville

Licensed practical nurses in Louisville can work full-time or per diem, meaning they only work when needed. LPNs in Louisville earn an average pay of $46,914 per year, though this figure can vary depending on experience and other factors. Job opportunities in Louisville for LPNs range from long-term care facilities to home healthcare, making it easy for those who want to make a difference in their community to find a job there. Their responsibilities include providing basic patient care, such as monitoring vital signs, administering medications, and documenting patient progress. Because of their flexibility, LPNs are often offered per diem (as needed) positions. These positions usually offer competitive hourly wages and may even provide the potential for overtime pay.

PRN CNA Jobs in Louisville

Certified nursing assistants in Louisville typically work on a per diem or PRN basis, meaning they are only called upon when needed. The average take-home pay for CNAs in Louisville is $26,392 per year, though experienced CNAs can earn significantly more. Job opportunities for CNAs in Louisville can be found in traditional medical settings, such as hospitals, nursing homes, and home healthcare, as well as in specialized positions, such as geriatric care, hospice care, and disability services. CNA jobs often provide unique scheduling opportunities, with positions available on a per diem (PRN) or occasional shift basis. PRN shifts may provide CNAs with the added advantages of higher starting wages and the ability to work a flexible schedule.

Get Per Diem Jobs in Louisville, Colorado

Living and working in Louisville, Colorado, as an RN, LPN, or CNA offers a rewarding career with great pay and plenty of job opportunities. Louisville has a vibrant culture that provides a safe and healthy environment for medical professionals to live and work in. Whether you are looking for a more traditional nursing role or something more specialized, Louisville has plenty of opportunities for nursing professionals looking to make a difference in their community.

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