Healthcare workers in Arizona have a large community of support and information that seeks to support nurses' needs and promote further education for registered nurses (RNs), licensed practical nurses (LPNs), and certified nursing assistants (CNAs).


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Pick Up High-Paying Per Diem Nursing Jobs in Scottsdale

The Scottsdale, Arizona community has excellent opportunities for nurses of all backgrounds and specialties, as it has a high demand within the nursing workforce and healthcare facilities. Healthcare workers in Arizona have a large community of support and information that seeks to support nurses' needs and promote further education for registered nurses (RNs), licensed practical nurses (LPNs), and certified nursing assistants (CNAs).

PRN RN, LPN, and CNA Jobs in Scottsdale 

  • RN jobs in Scottsdale: A registered nurse has a higher level of training than an LPN or CNA. Registered nurses can, for example, administer treatments and medications to their patients without extra training, provide more advanced care, and are part of the multidisciplinary team in charge of a patient with whom they consult on the course of treatment. In addition, RNs can take samples or make diagnoses and interpret the results of medical evaluations and labs, as they have the training to do so. RNs oversee the LPNs and CNAs and coordinate the nursing teams. Furthermore, RNs are in high demand in Scottsdale, Arizona, especially in PRN (pro re nata) jobs, also called per diem, which are temporary. RNs have an average salary of $81,600 per year in Scottsdale. 
  • LPN jobs in Scottsdale: licensed practical nurses provide primary nursing care to patients, such as checking patients' vital signs or assisting in the daily routine and activities performed by patients, as well as reporting health status to physicians and registered nurses. LPNs report to registered nurses and are part of a patient's care team. The average salary for LPNs in Scottsdale, Arizona, is $57,800 per year, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics, which can be supplemented through PRN nursing jobs in Scottsdale.
  • CNA jobs in Scottsdale: CNAs, or certified nursing assistants, play an essential role in the medical team, representing the force interacting directly with a patient. CNAs are responsible for supporting a patient's treatment and being part of the patient's daily care routine, including feeding, grooming, dressing, and any tasks in which patients might need assistance, such as transporting and moving from one location to another. They may also be in charge of taking vital signs and may be required to report any changes in health status to registered nurses or physicians. CNA jobs in Scottsdale are in high demand, as are other nursing jobs, due to the regional nursing shortage. The average salary for a CNA in Scottsdale, Arizona, is approximately $17,840 per year.

Scottsdale is a fine place for all the nursing professions to thrive. 

How to Find PRN Jobs Near Me? 

Per diem jobs in healthcare are temporary positions, the exact translation being "when necessary" or "as needed," applied to nurses willing to work on an on-demand basis. The beauty of these shifts is that nurses, whether RNs, CNAs, or LPNs, can refuse to take a shift when they have something else to do or are too tired. Another advantage is that hourly wages are much higher, and the increase is mainly because hospitals need to cover nursing shifts with some urgency, so they are willing to pay more per hour. Through the PRN Staffing app offered by Nursa, all nurses can choose their schedule, i.e., work the shifts they are most comfortable with. Finally, a massive advantage of PRN or per diem shifts is that nurses gain a lot of experience from all kinds of settings, be it a hospital or clinical environments, as by taking different shifts in different locations, they have to be able to adapt to different situations with ease.

Things to do in Scottsdale 

Scottsdale is well known for its luxurious resorts and golf courses, as well as its downtown Old Town Scottsdale, which is a beautiful place to stroll through. The population of Scottsdale is 242,753 inhabitants, with constant growth, especially in business and hospitality. The best things to do in Scottsdale are to visit the wildlife conservation center or the railroad park, and for fashion lovers, the Scottsdale fashion square. You can also enjoy the architectural buildings at Taliesin West or the MacDowell Sonoran Preserve. Scottsdale has plenty of natural and colonial beauty for families and groups of friends to enjoy all year round.

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Certified Nursing Assistant CNA - Skilled Nursing $27.83 per hour
January 1, 2026
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Haven Health Scottsdale
Licensed Practical Nurse LPN - Skilled Nursing $38.17 per hour
January 1, 2026
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13:00 - 13:45
Haven Health Scottsdale

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