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Pediatric OR Nursing Specialty

Pediatric operating room nurses are also sometimes referred to as pediatric perioperative nurses and are highly specialized. They are responsible for providing pre-operative care to their patients, assisting surgeons for the surgeries, and providing post-operative care as well.

Where Does a Pediatric Operating Room Nurse Work?

Typically, a pediatric OR nurse will find PRN shifts available in children’s hospitals, teaching hospitals, community hospitals, or even outpatient surgery centers. They work as an integral part of the surgical team. The importance of a fully functioning surgical team cannot be understated. As such, with NursaTM these PRN shifts available are some of the highest paying we have.

What Does a Pediatric Operating Room Nurse Do?

A pediatric OR nurse will conduct assessments of their patients prior to surgery and coordinate their preparation prior to the surgery. They assist surgeons in the operating room and monitor vitals during the surgery. They will collaborate with the surgery team, and maintain the sterile environment of the OR. A pediatric OR nurse will provide care post-op which may include administering medications and treating wounds. Often pediatric operating room nurses serve as a liaison between family members and the surgical team. They will educate family members about expectations of the surgery itself and the recovery following it.

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Key Characteristics of a Successful Pediatric Operating Room Nurse

The ability to communicate clearly, and confidently with other clinicians of the surgical team is necessary for the smooth functioning of a surgical team. This skill applies as well to the ability to communicate compassionately with family members. Attention to detail is paramount in preserving a sterile operating room and monitoring the patient during surgery. Additionally, quick reaction times, and the ability to remain calm when tensions mount and every moment counts in the operating room.

Recommended Certifications

Basic Life Support (BLS) and Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS) are required certifications for PRN shifts in the pediatric OR. An additional certification as a Certified Perioperative Nurse (CNOR) may be preferred in some settings and can be obtained after two years’ clinical experience and a set minimum number of hours. If you don’t have the CNOR certification, previous work experience in an operating room, pediatric or not, is definitely beneficial to your professional portfolio for PRN shifts of this specialty.

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