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Today’s healthcare industry is fast-paced and ever-changing. Recently, many in the field have been woken up to this reality with the COVID-19 pandemic that took the entire world by storm. Nurses and assistants work hard to keep up with the demand of the public, but sometimes it’s hard to know where clinicians are needed most.

Nursa™ connects the healthcare facilities in Caldwell that desperately need part-time and PRN nurses to the local talent pool. Nurses who work on demand are filling a great need in society and deserve all the respect for taking care of patients who need it most.

Friendly. Welcoming. Quaint. Caldwell is a small city of a little over 50,000 people near the Boise metropolitan area. Caldwell is a fun place to live with a variety of things to do year-round. Finding employment in Caldwell can make that life yours.

Registered nurses (RNs), licensed practical nurses (LPNs), and certified nursing assistants (CNAs) love the flexibility and freedom to pick up per diem and part-time jobs in Caldwell all from the palm of their hand with Nursa™.

Keep reading to learn more about our PRN on-demand nurse app and why so many healthcare professionals enjoy picking up jobs in Caldwell, Idaho.

Nursa™ Connects You to High-Paying RN, LPN, & CNA Jobs in Caldwell

Idaho Rebounds is the state’s program as it begins reopening. As the reopening progresses, here at Nursa™ we are seeing a rise of COVID jobs, and other coronavirus related roles available in the community of Caldwell.

Long term care facilities have been under immense strain nationwide, and the facilities in Idaho have felt it as well. We have kept informed about what’s been happening; for more information read our article “Long Term Care Facilities in Idaho Impacted by the Pandemic“.

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Most recently, Caldwell closed all of their sports facilities and put summer sports practices on hold after an athlete tested positive for COVID-19. This comes right on the heels of near-by city Boise’s recent choice to suspend summer sports for the same reasons.

Caldwell is part of Canyon County which is an Idaho hot spot and has seen the second-highest number of confirmed COVID cases of the entire state, behind Ada County. For more information about hotspots and COVID-19 statistics for the state of Idaho, click here.

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Searching for legit local travel, per diem, or part-time nursing jobs can be stressful. Tirelessly, you type in phrases such as:

  • “High-paying nursing jobs near me;”
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Yet, you still can’t find a legit PRN nurse staffing solution that enables you to actually start working within 48 hours of downloading the app.

Things to Do in Caldwell, Idaho on Your Days Off Work

plants in a field close up in Caldwell Idaho

Caldwell, Idaho has lots of fun things to do. With farmland and ranches all around, it’s easy to tour the orchards, farms, and ranches to see where your local produce comes from. Caldwell is also considered Idaho wine country, with 16 vineyards and wineries that offer tours, tastings, and dining.

Caldwell is also home to the College of Idaho adding a flavor of cultural arts, learning, and a healthy-sized young population. Healthcare professionals looking for a good balance of culture, nightlife, and nature will enjoy spending time in Caldwell.

Eat at great restaurants. Stroll around picturesque landscapes (such as Indian Creek). Sample impressive wines. Here are a few of the top things residents, visitors, and Nursa™ medical professionals do in their spare time in Caldwell:

Change the way you find local part-time and PRN jobs for RNs, LPNs, and CNAs. Connect to high-paying jobs in Caldwell from the palm of your hand with Nursa™ today. It’s free, easy-to-use, and the future of nursing recruitment and staffing solutions.

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