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Are you looking for high-paying nursing jobs in Eagle, Idaho? If so, Nursa is your connection to the local healthcare facilities that are hiring on the fly for shifts that start within a few hours or some time in the upcoming months.

Our PRN Staffing App Connects Nurses & Aides to Jobs 

Are you looking for high-paying nursing jobs in Eagle, Idaho? If so, Nursa is your connection to the local healthcare facilities that are hiring on the fly for shifts that start within a few hours or some time in the upcoming months. On-demand PRN nurses are taking over the temporary healthcare staffing industry. Are you hip to the new trend?

Local healthcare facilities post their immediate needs for registered nurses (RNs), licensed practical nurses (LPNs), and certified nursing assistants (CNAs) with the PRN staffing app. Download NursaTM and verify your license today to view available PRN nursing jobs in Eagle, Idaho.

What is PRN Work?

Clinicians such as nurses, radiologists, CNAs, and others in the medical field often work on a PRN or per diem basis. The term “PRN” is short for the Latin term, “pro re nata”, which means “as the situation arises or as needed”. Per diem clinicians often work on the fly and pick up one or a series of 8 or 12-hour shifts. NursaTM works like a PRN staffing agency that operates right from the palm of your hand. 

Healthcare Professionals Enjoy Living and Working in Eagle, ID

Nurses and CNAs enjoy picking up jobs in Eagle because it’s a super safe place to live and it’s situated a mere eight miles northeast of Boise. City life and small-town life. You get the best of both worlds. Also, the weather is pretty decent. The weather is a comfortable middle between someplace cold like Alaska and someplace hot like Arizona. 

You can drive into Eagle and pass under the sign as you see in the picture. Because it’s a suburb, you get the perks that come with that, including tons of small shops and restaurants. You can also escape that and go home to a calm and quiet neighborhood at the end of a long 12-hour PRN nursing shift.

Eagle is a charming little town with a family-friendly feel. Local travel, Part-time, and per diem clinicians who have their family units with them can enjoy the comfort and security of staying in Eagle, Idaho. Plus, you can find all the amenities you could want from a city in Boise, which is only a few-minute drive away. 

Fun Things to Do in Eagle, Idaho on Your Day Off

Boise has every option there is to explore when it comes to something to do on your days off work. But if you want to stay local, here are a few things to do in Eagle:

  • Eagle Island State Park: this is a public recreation area on the outskirts of Eagle on the southwestern part of the city. You will find picnic areas, a swimming beach, and a water slide at this park you see in the picture.
  • Three Horse Ranch Vineyards: you will find this winery tucked into the foothills of the Snake River Valley in Eagle, Idaho. It’s a great place to spend an afternoon sampling local wine. 
  • Firebird Raceway: this big-time raceway is a great attraction you will find in the small town of Eagle, Idaho. It’s very well-maintained and people of all ages would enjoy a visit to the venue. 

Eagle Facilities Use Nursa to Fill Coronavirus Related Positions 

Healthcare facilities in Eagle, Idaho know they can trust NursaTM to find the talented clinicians they need. We have established relationships with various hospitals, long-term care facilities, outpatient centers, physician offices, and other healthcare facilities in the region. 

Our nurse staffing solution comes in handy to fill COVID-19 jobs while Idaho reopens and COVID case numbers rise. Managers who are looking to fill vacant PRN nursing shifts can post those availabilities in the app in realtime. 

Eastern Idaho Public Health has indicated that while the confirmed case numbers of COVID are rising, Idaho's death rate has mostly declined. Presumably, because the virus has already hit long-term-care facilities with the most vulnerable populations, it is now working its way through the healthier population. For more information about the virus's impact on long-term-care centers in Idaho, read our article here.

RNs, LPNs, & CNAs Pick Up Jobs in Eagle with an On-Demand App

Ready to find high-paying jobs in Eagle, Idaho? Gain direct access to per diem nursing jobs posted in real-time by healthcare facilities in Eagle, Idaho. It’s a great place to live and work, and NursaTM is here to connect you with your next job in this city. 

Change the way you pick up jobs in Eagle. Instead of traveling to various healthcare facilities and filling out applications and completing a lengthy orientation just to pick up some occasional PRN nursing shifts at one hospital, use NursaTM to apply for various jobs at a number of medical facilities. One app. One place. One resume. It’s easy. Get started now.

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“Love the flexibility this app allows. Great to pick up some extra shifts if you want/need them. Love the flexibility this app allows. Great to pick up some extra shifts if you want/need them.”

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“Every healthcare worker needs this! This app makes it so easy to find shifts close to my home. I love the flexibility this app has as well as how user friendly it is. It gives me the opportunity to pick up shifts when I want and need them.”

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“Love it Nursa is so great! I’m a college student so I am very busy and didn’t have time for a job but with nursa I can get extra money as well as focus on my studies! It’s very low pressure so you can pick up any shift you want at your convenience and the pay is amazing!!!”

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