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Working as a nurse requires patience, perseverance, and the utmost dedication to caring for people with healthcare needs. Moreover, nurses are always on the go, working in fast-paced environments, and are responsible for making critical decisions for patients every day on the job. Therefore, many nurses look for accessories that will make their lives easier, such as good backpacks or bags where they can fit books, medical equipment, and a change of scrubs. Oh, and there definitely has to be some room in a nursing bag for prepacked power snacks. And while nurses use a variety of bags to carry to and from work (like purses and handbags), backpacks are making a comeback in the medical world due to their durability and comfort. 

Are you a nurse with sore shoulders or an achy back from carrying around a heavy work bag? Then read on to check out some of the best nursing bags and backpacks all nurses should have in 2022—your spine will thank you later!

Why a Backpack?

Backpacks don’t expire when you leave nursing school. In fact, a great backpack can be used while commuting to and from your healthcare facility as a convenient and functional way to carry everything you need for your nursing shift. Also, backpacks are better for your overall health because they provide better support for your back. That is to say, a good practical backpack will distribute weight evenly between your shoulders, which can eliminate present back pain and prevent an achy back in the future. And don’t worry, you don’t have to throw away style for functionality. As a matter of fact, backpacks are coming back hot in 2022 with sleek, smart, and up-to-the-minute designs. With that said, here’s a look at a few of our favorite nurse bags and backpacks currently up for grabs. 

Jansport Classic SuperBreak 

Jansport is an American apparel brand that has been protecting the vertebrae of school kids for generations. Originally inspired as a mountaineering backpack, the brand took off and landed in the hands of students across the nation. As time passed, the general population became aware that backpacks were a healthier alternative to purses or tote bags. Fast-forward to the present day, and Jansport backpacks are now considered one the most classic, high-quality, and functional brands used by every age group. 

Speaking of classic backpacks, we love this highly-rated Jansport Classic SuperBreak Backpack to use as a nursing bag. It’s durable but ultralight for packing up and running back and forth between shifts. Additionally, the Jansport Classic SuperBreak pack has a limited lifetime warranty and is available in almost every hue of the color wheel. It’s simple; it’s stylish; it’s super! Therefore, the Jansport Classic Superbreak makes our list as one of the best nursing bags of 2022. 

North Face Laptop Packs 

North Face is another classic climbing equipment brand that has sustained a name for itself as one of America’s most trusted outdoor gear brands. Consequently, this brand has kept up with contemporary times and presently designs backpacks for all occasions on or off the mountain—including commuter bags for busy professionals. In fact, most of the subtle but polished designs of North Face Laptop packs don’t even look like work backpacks. That is to say, you can stuff your laptop, medical equipment, and all the accessories you need for your nursing shift in a North Face Laptop Pack, and you will look like you’re off for a quick stint in the mountains. 

Cool, down-to-earth, stylish, and practical (with a sleek insert for a laptop), we rate the North Face Laptop Packs as a top option for nurses in 2022. 

Baggallini Avenue Tote

While backpacks are probably the best option for healthy back support, a chic but functional nursing tote is always in style. That’s why we love the Baggallini Avenue Tote. This tote is great for everyday nurse commuting and is especially convenient for PRN nurses who pick up last-minute shifts. That’s because the Baggallini Avenue Tote is sturdy but lightweight and has zippers that slide open and shut easily—making it a perfect bag to pack up quickly and get to your next nursing shift on time. Moreover, this snazzy tote is easy to clean and waterproof (a must for a bag that will be in a healthcare setting all day). Additionally, the Baggallini tote can be converted into a cross-body tote if preferred. With a ton of pockets for organization (pens, masks, hand sanitizer) and a classic stylish silhouette, the Baggallini Avenue Tote is an excellent choice for RN’s on-the-go in 2022.

Wherever Nurses Go, So Do Their Bags or Backpacks

Choosing a great bag to carry back and forth between shifts is like finding a good companion to share life’s moments with. That said, if you are a nurse looking for a top-notch pack this year, we’ve got your back! That’s why it’s a good idea to read reviews, research, and ask what other nurses use to commute to and from work before investing in new bags or backpacks. Really, at the end of the day, a superb nursing bag will be comfortable, practical, and hopefully a little stylish too! After all, a little pop of fashion can brighten anyone’s day.

Are you a nurse looking for a functional and comfortable bag to carry all your nursing gear? Or do you already have one that you love? Give us the goods, and tell us what nurse bag you use to carry between shifts. 

Written by Jenna Elizabeth

Jenna Hall is a freelance writer, yoga teacher, and travel fanatic with over ten years of experience in professional blogging. She graduated from California State University, Dominguez Hills, earning a Bachelor of Arts in Communication. Shortly after graduation, Jenna headed to Latin America with a small leather journal, a disposable camera, and a pipe dream of being a travel writer on the go. After making a pit stop in Guatemala and receiving her 200-Hour Hatha Yoga Certification, Jenna was picked up by a Portland, Oregon-based active wear company to write for their blog on travel and wellness. She returned to the states, joined the corporate world for a stint, and then in 2014, Jenna permanently moved to South America to work at a local non-profit in Cochabamba, Bolivia to help with grant writing. She’s now published in several online publications and is known for gobbling up Bolivian street food until her tummy hurts, making sassy jokes in Spanish, and attempting to dance Salsa like a local. Clearly, Jenna has found her place in the world and continues to write and live a simple life in Bolivia with her husband and two kids.

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