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Per Diem Jobs in Salt Lake City: Unlocking Healthcare Workers’ Full Potential

Salt Lake City (SLC), Utah, is an exciting city full of job opportunities for nursing professionals in all areas—including per diem nursing jobs. Registered nurses (RNs), licensed practical nurses (LPNs), certified nursing assistants (CNAs), and allied healthcare workers have access to a large number of jobs in SLC and generally should not have trouble finding work. SLC has a large demand for healthcare workers—especially nursing professionals—as there is a shortage of these professionals in the various healthcare facilities throughout the city. In general, this deficit can be easily covered through temporary jobs, such as PRN or per diem jobs, which help healthcare facilities cover the urgent gaps in coverage without worries. These jobs are also beneficial for nurses and nursing assistants since the hourly rates offered for PRN shifts are usually higher than for long-term positions.

For both healthcare facilities and nursing professionals, it is a great advantage to have access to these shifts. However, the biggest benefit is, of course, for the patients who need the care of these healthcare professionals.

Many times, not having enough staff in a healthcare facility can lead to patient care not being prioritized, and this situation creates a lot of stress for both the healthcare staff and the institutions in charge of providing the best care to their patients. Thanks to these per diem shifts, the quality of care is greatly improved, leading to a win-win situation for everyone. Salt Lake City welcomes nurses and nursing assistants with open arms.

What’s the Healthcare Delivery System in Salt Lake City Like?

SLC is home to many large hospitals and medical centers and offers a wide range of services to the city's residents. In addition, it has a well-developed healthcare system, which includes the following:

  • Primary and basic care
  • Specialty care
  • Emergency care 
  • Elderly care services

One of the biggest attractions for healthcare professionals in SLC is the amount of advanced medical technology that supports two main objectives: Patients have access to highly advanced services, and healthcare professionals can advance in their careers when they wish and specialize in the area that most appeals to them.

RN Jobs in Salt Lake City

Registered nurses have access to multiple job opportunities in Salt Lake City, especially if RNs are specialized or interested in specialization. Because SLC is such a diverse city in terms of healthcare facilities and the range of services offered, RNs have a wide range of nursing jobs to choose from. 

The average salary in Salt Lake City for RNs is $79,370 per year or $38.16 per hour. This salary is lower than the national average even though the cost of living in SLC is somewhat higher than the national average. However, these lower salaries are offset by the ability to get better pay by working per diem shifts. RNs also have the ability to work in different states if they obtain a multistate license, which would allow them to work in 38 different states, including Utah.

LPN Jobs in Salt Lake City

Licensed practical nurses are also nursing professionals who are dedicated to improving the quality of patient care through the primary and close care they provide. Many times, LPNs do almost all of the nursing work in a facility—under the supervision of physicians and registered nurses. For LPNs, there are also excellent job prospects in SLC because the demand for nurses is so high.

The average LPN salary in Salt Lake City is $60,370 per year or $29.02 per hour. Again, it is in the best interests of LPNs to supplement their salaries with per diem shifts to live comfortably in SLC.

CNA Jobs in Salt Lake City

Certified nursing assistants play an essential role in SLC healthcare facilities. Their work is of intense care, and they try to have the environments and amenities ready so that patients feel at ease and can better receive their treatments.

Given the excellent work CNAs in SLC provide, the rest of the healthcare staff can rest assured that the patients are in good hands. This is why healthcare facilities strive to have CNAs who are professional and experienced, as well as physically strong and proactive.

The average CNA salary in Salt Lake City is $34,650 per year or $16.66 per hour. More and more CNAs in SLC are looking for per diem jobs—either full-time or to supplement their current salary. These jobs give them the ability to earn more per hour and save a lot of money.

How about New Nursing Professionals?

New nursing professionals also have the opportunity to get PRN jobs in Salt Lake City. When a nurse has just graduated, they may choose to look for per diem jobs. Of course, facilities will always prefer that the nursing professionals they hire have sufficient experience and certifications, but many times, because of the need to have enough clinicians, they hire or contract new nursing professionals, too.

What Is the Population of Salt Lake City, Utah?

The population of Salt Lake City is approximately 198,000, with a rapidly increasing trend. The population of SLC has diverse groups that nursing professionals may serve, such as the following:

  • Students: This group is very diverse, as many students come to SLC from all over the world each semester.
  • Permanent residents: There are families, individuals, and quite a large senior population.
  • Tourists: There is a lot to see in SLC, so there are many tourists on a regular basis.
  • Temporary workers: There are many workers who come to SLC for temporary jobs, such as per diem nurses.

By being aware of the characteristics of each population group, nursing professionals will be able to be more aware of how to manage and be prepared for all types of patients.

How to Get PRN Jobs in Salt Lake City?

The best way to get jobs in SLC is through the Nursa platform. For nursing professionals, the best experience is to download a mobile application so they can search for jobs wherever they are. Searching for jobs has never been easier than with the tools offered by Nursa.

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