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Learn More About Crisis Response Nursing: Strike & COVID-19 Jobs

Nursa™ Connects Crisis Response Nurses with Highest-Paying PRN Jobs

Crisis response nursing specialty

We see jobs posted for crisis response RNs, and LPNs in a higher number than ever before. Hospitals and medical centers are struggling with meeting demand and maintaining safe patient ratios. This means we have high paying PRN shifts available now, in real-time.

Where Do Crisis Response Nurses Work?

Crisis response nurses go where the crisis is. Per the title, clinicians responding to crises can be responding to a variety of circumstances and in a varied setting. Most apt is our current healthcare crisis of COVID-19. We’ve been seeing some of the highest paying RN, LPN, and even CNA PRN shifts for clinicians who are willing to work crisis response.

Other circumstances can include national disasters, such as an influx to hospitals and medical centers following fires, tornados, flooding, or other such crises.

Crisis response clinicians may also be on-demand when a strike occurs. Medical centers and hospitals cannot simply allow their patients to be uncared for-for the duration of a strike. We followed an imminent nurses strike before the pandemic hit our shores, and now this entire year has been one wave after another of hotspots popping up nationwide.

What Do Crisis Response Nurses Do?

In addition to the general duties of any registered nurse such as administering medications, providing basic quality care, and providing education and guidance about a patient’s health condition, Telemetry RNs are responsible for monitoring their patient’s well-being through the use of medical technology. Surveillance of medical devices that monitor heart rate, breathing, oxygen saturation, blood pressure are among the most commonly used.

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Recommended Certifications for Crisis Response Nurses

Basic Life Support (BLS) is typically required, while other certifications such as Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) and Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS) will lend your digital portfolio more versatility.

If you’re interested in crisis response positions in critical care units or other highly specialized fields you’ll need to look into required and preferred certifications as well. Moreover, if your nursing license isn’t part of the Nursing Compact State, you may look into that as well to afford you more opportunities across state lines.

Key Characteristics of a Crisis Response Nurse

A nurse working crisis response will be successful when he or she is able to adapt quickly to their environment. Crisis response dictates that there is little time or manpower to fully orient a new clinician to their environment. Having experience and knowledge of the position you’re filling will be necessary to fall back on when in high tension environments. A crisis response nurse needs to be emotionally grounded, so as to not get carried away by the often chaotic and emotional undercurrents in such a setting.

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