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RN Jobs in AZ

Arizona is the sixth largest state in the United States. Its population has always been predominantly urban, especially since the mid-20th century when cities and suburbs began to grow rapidly at the expense of rural areas. Some scholars believe that the state’s name comes from the Basque word meaning “land of oaks”, while others attribute it to the Hindi word Tohono O’odham (Papago), meaning “young (or little) spring.” The place”. Arizona received U.S. statehood on February 14, 1912, becoming the last of the 48 U.S. continents to join the Confederation.

Arizona is a country of contradictions.

Although it’s best known for its warm, low-mountain desert covered in cacti and creosote shrubs, more than half of the state is at least 4,000 feet (1,200 m) above sea level and has the largest pine forests. Peace. Arizona is known for its long stretches of arid desert, but thanks to its many large man-made lakes, it has a lot more coastline than its fame might suggest. Spectacular features like the Grand Canyon and the Painted Desert have become international icons of the rugged region, but Arizona’s environment is so fragile that in many ways it is more threatened by pollution than New York and Los Angeles. Its romantic reputation for wilderness and old-fashioned simplicity close to the ground is in stark contrast to the fact that the state’s economy after the 1860s was industrial and technological long before it was pastoral or agricultural.

Top RN Schools


1. University of Arizona, Tucson

The University of Arizona College of Nursing: Whether you’re interested in nursing practice or research, you will have access to the resources you need to pursue a successful career. The college was founded in 1957 as a means of addressing the Grand Canyon State’s chronic nursing shortage. Citing cross-cultural perspectives and community involvement as curriculum hallmarks, faculty members can be found pursuing cutting-edge research into topics like health determinants and the development of informatics. Faculty research is funded through grants from sources like the National Institute of Health, the National Cancer Institute and the Academy of Medical-Surgical Nurses.

2. Arizona State University, Phoenix

The U.S. News and World Report recognizes Arizona State University’s College of Nursing and Health Innovation as one of the finest in the nation. Its programs are designed to prepare you to deliver health care in community settings as well as in more traditional hospital environments. Research initiatives associated with this nursing school in AZ include the Center for Advancing Interprofessional Practice, Education and Research; the Center for Health Promotion and Disease Prevention and the Center for World Health. The field of health care is rapidly evolving, and a degree from this school will help prepare you for whatever changes tomorrow brings.

3. Grand Canyon University, Phoenix

Grand Canyon University's College of Nursing and Health Care Professions offers a variety of quality nursing programs. Grand Canyon University no longer maintains its affiliation with the Southern Baptist Convention, but Christian values still inform its teaching philosophy, and you can expect the professionalism and critical thinking skills you learn here to be tempered by a strong sense of accountability. College Factual ranked GCA's nursing school as particularly good for military veterans who are interested in becoming nurses.

4. Northern Arizona University, Flagstaff

At the Northern Arizona University (NAU) School of Nursing, you’ll learn to personalize your own nursing care for patients with diverse needs. This institution is another one of those nursing programs in Arizona that was created to address critical staffing shortages in the Grand Canyon State. NAU offers the only reservation-based baccalaureate nursing program in the U.S. This program has been designed to meet the needs of Native American learners as well as the Navajo and Hopi communities they live in.

5. Chamberlain College, Phoenix

The Phoenix campus is one of the few nursing schools in Arizona that offers a “Concentration in Serving Hispanic Communities,” so if part of what has attracted you to nursing is a desire to better meet the health needs of this growing segment of the American population, Chamberlain Phoenix is definitely worth checking out. The Chamberlain College of Nursing got its start in St. Louis, Missouri in 1889 as the Deaconess School of Nursing; today, it’s part of a global health education consortium with 15 locations throughout the U.S. Chamberlain actively coaches its new nursing students, offering customized workshops and support plans aimed at helping students succeed.

Source: https://www.nursingprocess.org/nursing-schools/arizona/

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