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Today’s healthcare industry is fast-paced and ever-changing. Recently, many in the field have been woken up to this reality with the COVID-19 pandemic that took the entire world by storm. Nurses and assistants work hard to keep up with the demand of the public, but sometimes it’s hard to know where clinicians are needed most.

Nursa™ connects the healthcare facilities in Pocatello that desperately need part-time and PRN nurses to the local talent pool. Nurses who work on demand are filling a great need in society and deserve all the respect for taking care of patients who need it most.

If the pandemic has laid you off, put you on furlough, or just landed you a canceled contract; then download Nursa™ and find clinician jobs in Pocatello right away. Nursa™ is different than any other nursing employment agency you’ve known.

We are a streamlined, digital bridge that connects registered nurses (RNs), licensed practical nurses (LPNs), and certified nursing assistants (CNAs) to medical facilities in Idaho to fill jobs that are available in real-time. Keep reading to learn why nurses and assistants love picking up jobs in Pocatello and how you can get in touch with these local travel, part-time, and per diem nursing jobs.

Find Jobs in Pocatello for Coronavirus Related Roles with Nursa™

Pocatello has a population of just over 50,000 and is settled in Bancock County, the southeast corner of the state between bigger cities of Idaho Falls and Twin Falls. Bancock County isn’t currently considered a COVID hotspot, but they do have confirmed cases. For more statistics about COVID-19 in Idaho, click here.

As Idaho reopens, hospitals and medical facilities are making preparations in the event that COVID case numbers rise. Nursa™, we’re seeing COVID-19 jobs back on the rise. Check out our initiative to learn more about COVID jobs.

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To learn more about how Idaho long term care facilities have handled the pandemic, read our article about it here. As the state of Idaho works through the steps of reopening, information about its plan “Idaho Rebounds” can be found here.

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Natural Hot Springs are a Regular Treat in Pocatello

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Imagine relaxing in your downtime from work at a geothermal hot spring. Healthcare professionals working hard at their jobs in Pocatello Idaho have access to this amazing and unique natural wonder. Pocatello is home to the Lava Hot Springs Mineral Pools which are open year-round. These hot springs are natural, not man-made, and have a temperature that ranges between 102 and 112 degrees Fahrenheit.

This can be you! Find employment in Pocatello today using Nursa™, the smartphone application that securely houses your digital portfolio and connects you to potential employers directly, securely, and for free.

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